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So, how do you play poker anyways?

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I've always regarded poker as simply being a game of luck and bluffing. I'm aware that there are poker masters in the world, people who find DEPTH in the game and regard it as a sport. I just don't see it. Care to enlighten me?

Here is how every game of poker has ever gone for me, in real life, in video games, and on those little handheld electronic poker games:

- Do I have doubles, or better, of 10's, face cards, aces?
- Yes? Save them, discard everything else.
- Hope for three-of-kind, full house, or a four-of-a-kind!
- Most always, a pair of queens is the best that I can muster.

That or if I have multiple face cards of the same suit, I discard and hope for a Royal Flush... that never happens. But hey, the great thing about video games is saving before a casino game, BETTING EVERYTHING, and simply loading my last save if things don't go my way. Always works in Dragon Quest games.

I pre-purchased this game months ago when it first popped up on Steam simply for all the inevitably great dialogue between Heavy, Max, and Strong Bad. The TF2 items are simply icing on the cake for me. I'll gladly accept the second Lugermorph that I'll be getting :)

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