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King's Quest from Bundle

posted by Jacinto on - last edited - Viewed by 189 users

I bought the adventure bundle because I was hoping it fixed a problem King's quest 6 had. I own the original game and I bought the collection on disc when Sierra was selling it. No one was able to fix the graphic problem. On Windows 7, is there any way to get the high res mode to work for King's Quest 6? I can not stand the low res version that was meant for text only mode. I know the feature is in there but it is just tucked away where we can not get to it. Someone help me figure this out. I have tried both my original copy of KQ6, which I bought new back in the 90s, and the KQ collection and neither give that option on Windows 7 Home 64 bit. I am hoping I did not waste my money on the bundle because aside from the whispering world, the other stuff was bland and simple for adventure games, plus Penny Arcade Adventures has a mean bug with the barbershop quartet.

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