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Almost complete list of Monkey Island fangames

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Well, someone had to do it, right? :)


Let me know if there are others. I'm sure I missed some but they're so hard to find!

Seeing all this stuff... man... it's awesome. And free Haha!

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  • @Voodoo Lord said: Darkness of MI was declared officially dead. They did promise a demo though...
    EDIT: But even that is highly unlikely to be released.

    Are you sure it was declared officially dead? I thought that development was just suspended and it was just declared 'as good as dead'. Eh, either way, it's dead :(.

    Also, Silverwolfpet, it seems your list is attracting some attention within the MI community.

    And, by the way, the developers of 'Monkey Island - Carnaval Vudú' have an official website of their own:

    English (Google Translation)

  • Well, I found anouther german MI-Fangame: It´s called The Secret of Mount Monkey, but was not finished. There is still a demo available: the password is ""


    The Story takes place 40 years after the happening on MI2. Simon the Sorcerer discovers a danger in the sky, which is threatening the hole world. He visits Lorraine Threepwood, the daughter of Guybrush and Elaine. She needs to help him saving the world, by searching the ingredients for a magic potion. Their journey takes them to Meleé Island, where Guybrush is running a grog-bar, taking a rest from his piraty life. She meets old friends in Maniac Mansion, her ex-lover Indiana Jones, the world of Zak MacKraken and is visitng foreign countries.

    Die Geschichte spielt etwa 40 Jahre nach den Ereignissen auf Monkey Island. Der Zauberer Simon the Sorcerer entdeckt eine Gefahr am Himmel, die die Welt bedroht. Er sucht Lorraine Threepwood auf, die Tochter von Guybrush Threepwood. Sie soll ihm helfen die Bedrohung von der Welt fernzuhalten und muss für ihn verschiedene Zutaten für einen Zaubertrank besorgen.
    Die Reise führt sie auf die Insel Meleé Island (Monkey Island), wo ihr Vater inzwischen Besitzer einer Grog-Bar geworden ist und sich vom damaligen Piratenleben erholt. Sie trifft auf alte Bekannte im Maniac Mansion, ihren alten Liebhaber Indiana Jones, die Welt von Zak McKracken, und reist in fremde Länder.

  • I also found the fangame Sam - The Pirate Monkey:

    Sam the Pirate Monkey is a point'n'click adventure game in the style of Sierra's and Lucasart's games from the early/middle 90's. It's been made using Adventure Game Studio, an adventure game creation tool written by Chris Jones. Sam the Pirate Monkey was made for a monthly contest called MAGS and actually won the August edition together with another game.


    Sam is a young monkey with high ambitions. He wants to be a pirate. In this game you're helping Sam out in his quest for piracy!


  • And the next (german) one:
    Sherman Bragbone - A Cupful of Trouble
    The story:
    In "Sherman Bragbone" takes place in the 17th century, where the sea is cruised by boldly pirates. Driven by avarice and the thirst for glory (and rum) they battle each day against the ships of the great seafaring nations, defenceless salesmen and outher unfortunates people.The hole westindian island equate a boiling pot, where adventurers get their money's worth.

    Die Story:
    In „Sherman Bragbone“ wird der Spieler in die chaotische Karibik des 17. Jahrhunderts versetzt, wo die Gewässer von verwegenen Piraten befahren werden. Von Gier und Ru(h)msucht getrieben, liefern sie sich tagtäglich Fehden mit den Schiffen der großen Seefahrernationen, schutzlosen Händlern und anderen Unglücklichen. Die ganzen Westindischen Inseln gleichen einem Hexenkessel, wo Abenteurer voll auf ihre Kosten kommen.

    The screenshots are amazing. It´s a pitty, that it hasn´t been finished, yet!
    There is also a technic-demo avialable:

  • Awesome! I'll add everything to the list in short time. Thanks!! :D

  • @Hayden said: Are you sure it was declared officially dead? I thought that development was just suspended and it was just declared 'as good as dead'. Eh, either way, it's dead :(.

    Yes, a guy who was involved in the project in a leading role said that it was impossible for the game to be made anymore. He said the reasons were it was too much big as a project and that there were problems among the team. It's all in the thread linked in the list, in the last pages of it if I recall correctly. They only declared it "suspended" because - I suppose - it's a project that brought them many viewers, and if they keep people's hopes up they will keep coming.


    Very nice. I usually go to another site for LA fangames, which has a more complete list of them (and I suspect you used it as a reference), but this will be probably easier for global users to find.

    Well scratch the "suspect", many links come from there. :P

  • Sighs.

    Yeah, some talent here, likely to go to waste.

  • Probably too late now, but I think I finally found where's I'd found games from before

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