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Question about the narrative in this season.

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I bought the Sam and Max collection together with this because of some Pokernnight offer.
I already played the first couple of eps of Sam and Max S1 and I like the format. There is this back-bone storyline with stand-alone stories in every ep.
But there is still a build-up present and each next ep plays on a larger scale and the season are gradually working up to something.

I played Strong Bad ep 1 and can already say this will be my least fav licence of TellTale. The humour is just a bit too silly and the characters don't do much for me. But I still like it though. Some moments were funny and I like variety of content the incentives for completing 100% and I thought it had some great puzzles.
The story however was fun but nothing really excited happened. Now the ep ends on an ominous tone and I assumed this ep was just a warm-up and things would get more serious and epic in the next ep. But then in the preview of ep 2 I saw that ep 3 would center around a battle of bands.
A 'happy' non-continuating looking episode.

So, is the story heading somewhere? Or is it just a chronicle of adventures in the licence's universe? Could any episode be played individually? No continuation at all in any form?

I'd really want to know. I'll probably keep playing since it'll keep me busy until BttF and I'd like to play the least favourite first so I can save the best(Sam and Max, Tales, Wallace and Gromit) for last.

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  • Well, episode 5 does start right where 4 ended.

  • @RingmasterJ5 said: Well, episode 5 does start right where 4 ended.

    and that is about the only part where the season links.

  • Tecnically, Episode 1 and 2 are connected by the KOT's face on the Lappy at the end of Epi. 1

  • So ep 3 is more of an intermezzo. So does it get exciting in ep 4 and 5?

  • @Nintendo Boy1 said: Tecnically, Episode 1 and 2 are connected by the KOT's face on the Lappy at the end of Epi. 1

    And don't forget that at the end of Ch. 2, Strong Bad asks: "I wonder if my new Limozeen game came in yet?" So 2 & 3 are connected.

  • The word of god (Read: Telltale) says there is an interconnecting story, but they're all very loose and nowhere near as connected as Sam and Max. Hell, even Episode 4 to 5 is nothing, as Episode 4 takes place for 98% of the game in a fake movie Strong Bad made that it cuts away from for the last minutes.

  • ^
    It was not a complaint. I accept the game as it is and figure it's something that will appeal much more to other people out there.

    I was not familiar with Homestarrunner but judging from the art-style and plot outline I knew what I was getting myself into. I bought the game for collection sake.
    I already bought the Sam And Max Collection. And Strong Bad would cost me 10 dollars if I upgraded to the Poker at the Inventory Bundle(which included the Sam and Max Games and Strong Bad).

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