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Adventure Bundle - is ANYTHING working ?

posted by GothofCookie on - last edited - Viewed by 456 users

He there - I bought the Adventure Pack yesterday and was glad for that great deal...
Now....I regret it.
Let's start at the Launcher: seems comfortable - but, well: sometimes it just won't start, won't login or hangs up....
If you manage to get it running the downloads starts to cause some trouble - many games download incredible slow, just to be broken when finished. At my case The Whispered World (one of the main reasons I bought it) and Jack Kaene is broken... (I mean the NSIS Error - other dudes have .dll error or some other...)
And if someone manage to get TWW running, they get missing videos or stuttering ones....great. And if they manage to download Jack Kaene....well...they just can't start it.
Let's go on: The most games of the "King's Collection" Just don't work on new systems.
Same with Penny Arcade Adventures....many people have problems starting it with Win 7.
And the last one: Puzzle Agent: starting at missing fonts, symbols and speech over blackscreens to Bugs.
The forum is crowded with angry people - and all we get as answers is: download it again, update your video card driver, ATI users use previous drivers and update your Dx-version ..... and nothing works -.-"

I didn't spend much for this bundle (20$) and I'm glad to spend something to charity......but I spend for games that just don't work as they should -.-"

You better fix that - these games are great, and I love Telltalegames, but these are serious problems and shouldn't be ignored!

and sorry for my bad english...

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  • Really? The only problem I had was having to Run it as an Administrator to install the games. BTW, The Whispered World "No video" error is fixed. Also, for the King's Quest Collection, you can simply install DOSbox and copy the files from "C:\Program Files\Telltale Games\Adventure Bundle\King's Quest". I didn't try the Adventure Bundle version of Puzzle Agent and the only problem with Jack Keane is that the store in Chapter 2 is completely white.

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    Run as Administrator doesn't work for me, I keep getting the NSIS error.

  • For the NSIS error, try the direct download links in the thread that has those.

    For some nice tweaks to the KQ collection dosbox.conf files, check out my thread! I've personally tested the settings and tweaks myself!

  • Well,

    I bought the pack for Whispered World and Jack Keane, and both seem to work fine (now).
    KQ also runs without problems so far, but I played these games 10-15 years ago, so I don't care that much.
    Penny Arcade only shows the usual black screen with red dots, and it would be fine to hear some update about this (is the reason already known? is a patch in work?). All the suggestions so far didn't help.
    Puzzle Agent: usual no-text menus, and no, I won't screw up my local settings for just one game, fix it! (and as it is a TTG game, it shouldn't be that hard...)

    Still, this bundle is a great deal, and I'm confident that TTG will fix all problems and learn from this for the next deal... ;)

  • Yeah, the only problem I had was the lack of videos when I downloaded The Whispered World. Strange oversight on their part, but for me it wasn't a big deal. I just missed the opening cinematic, which I watched on Youtube after realizing that I didn't have the videos. I'm redownloading The Whispered World now. I also didn't have any problems with the actual downloading for any of the games. At first, it started installing the games in my Program Files folder, but I didn't know it would do that so I erased it and started over. I keep all of my games in a 'Games' folder for organizational purposes, but it also bypasses any stupid Administrator issues (stuff in Program Files requires Administrator permission and it fudges up a lot of programs, particularly ones made for older versions of Windows). So I didn't have problems installing the games, either. I think the Administrator issues are a big part of peoples' problems and installing it in a different folder altogether would probably help of lot of people.

    I realize there are a lot of issues with this bundle, but I wouldn't be surprised if Telltale is working hard to fix them. I'm not gonna hold it against them, but I hope it gets fixed for everyone soon.

  • @ScreamingFalcon said: For the NSIS error, try the direct download links in the thread that has those.

    tried them all :/

    And sorry, but I don't wanna have any "fixes" or stuff like that - I want updates!

    They should've released it on steam.

    btw: Of course,I belive they're working on an update. I really like TTG and never ever had any problems.....but they should say anything like "hey guys, don't worry we're working!" And not " "

  • okay it's clear: f*ck you telltale - every $ YOU made is wasted - I'm glad some charity projects got money.....but you? no.

    The release was rubbish.....nothing seem to work and NOBODY seems to care -.-"

  • I understand your reaction, I'm extremely disapointed too, but... have you sent any PM or emails to TTG? Have you got any answers to them? It seems that posting in this forum is useless when you need support.

  • Yes, TellTale did an average work, to say the least, with the Adventure bundle. I'm stuck with the "no fonts" problem in Puzzle Agent (I have a french OS). And it's just one of a few, if I read the messages here...

    It's quite sad, because I always tried to bought from Telltale directly tu support them, but this time, I see they can be quite deaf and do nothing if they want to. The Bundle Adventure wasn't a big success, to say the least, but it certainly looks like they dont' respect their "early" buyers much. It's very surprising. I love what Telltale does usually.

    At least, they should have send an email to the bundle Buyers saying "If you have this problem, please take a look at this topic, or download this fix...".

    Well, nobody's perfect, I guess...

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