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CSI 3 case 1 HELP!!!!!!

posted by smurf1174 on - last edited - Viewed by 275 users

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o.k I am having a few problems with the game I have installed patches and contacted ubi soft support, they have been no help. Also done a step by step walk through.
- I have collected all evidence and gotten to the point of talking with the artist, however the 2 questions I need to ask "do you use squirrel brushes" and "can we take few of your brushes" do not appear. therefor I cannot move forward and match the hair from the vic's body.

- Also I have collected the semen from the vic, but I have tried a number of times to get a match from the DNA computer, it will not give me a match, so I cannot get Mark stock's rap sheet.

I have tried asking for a hint in the game, warrick says "do you need a hint" and then it goes back to the previous screen, will not let me go to the next step of actually asking him a question.

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