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Texas Hold'em hooked

posted by Jaggerbit on - last edited - Viewed by 272 users

Anytime when there is a split pot situation the game hooked it simply not goes on with the next turn. What to do?

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  • Hey Jaggerbit,

    It's a known bug, and unfortunately, Texas Hold'em is not going to be fixed anytime's kind of the bastard child of TTG :( Sorry about that!!

  • Thanks for the reply,

    That is no good policy from TTG, I have brought a product and it don`t work correctly. What would you say if you buy a car and the reverse gear doesn't work and the car company said "we know the problem but we are not going to solve it" (and many others who have this type of car) have already buy this product and are now leaving alone.

    It can`t be that much work to fix this bug,,,TTG should not only happy about new investors they also should aware of users with failure products. Here in Germany many companys are shutting down because they released buggy products and never fix it, credit of the fans was lost and the next games sell like crap...I really don`t want that Telltale go this way.

    So please TTG made a small bugfix for this and don`t annoy your fans.

    If it is not be fixed this will be the last game I bought from TTG, even if I really like the Bone and Sam & Max Games and already have bought one episode. But your policy is my policy too.


  • I probably should have clarified from the beginning. By no means am I representing this fact as a policy or that it's an acceptable situation to put customers in. The simple fact is that Telltales resources are completely invested in other projects. Between the 30 people here and the hand-full of programmers we have available, and the deadlines we have to meet, we regrettably cannot fix Texas Hold' Em at this time. If this is unacceptable to you I will certainly issue you a refund. I wouldn't expect for you to have to keep a horribly flawed product. I would love to see Texas Hold 'Em fixed, it's just not for me to decide. That having been said, I do know that the game is completely playable beyond the split pot crash and the tutorial lock up..this is why we still offer it to people.

  • Thanks for your reply to my post. It is playable you are right and it is a good game but the bad thing is that this bug is killing wohle games, if not have split pots its fine, but WHEN you get one...than it hooks. (I am wondering why this wa snot found by testing) Surely you need your main resources for actual products what is completly understandable, but please don`t forget to fix it whenever there is time.

    I am not sure if you know German Developer Piranha Bytes (Gothic 3). They publish a really buggy version of this game (they get pressure from the publisher to release it) and they lost any credit they have.

    I don`t want that Telltale go this maybe it is possible to fix it if there is time (maybe when E3 is over?) or to give us a revampend Version that is fixed and enabels online play.

    So keep on your work Telltale, but don`t forget to focus on your end customer support needs...


  • Hi Jaggerbit,

    Ryan has only been with us for a few months, so he doesn't know all the history of this game, but I do. :D

    This was Telltale's first game and it started out as a learning experience as we built our tools. Originally it was just intended to be a test. It turned out to be a fun game so we ended up releasing it. The game does have some known bugs -- in particular, the split pot bug has been a problem for a while -- and we do put resources toward fixing this sort of problem whenever possible. That said, it was always intended to be a little, casual game, and it's just not something we can devote the same resources to as a bigger game like Sam & Max. We're going to be rereleasing the game this summer for Vista compatibility, and Ryan and I are pushing to get the tutorial bug (at least) and maybe the split pot bug fixed by then, although we can't make any promises.

    Like Ryan said, if the bugs make the game too unenjoyable for you, we can refund your money. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

  • Well, it's not really any of my bussiness (Literally! :P ), but I didn't want it to seem like TellTale was just brushing the bugs with T.T.T.H.E. aside... Ok, technically they just said they kind of were... Temporarily though, heh heh heh...

    They said they will try to find the time to fix it, but if the error is so annoying to you that you can't stand it and want a refund, that they gladly will issue a refund. Bussiness is bussiness, good and bad unfortunately, so they have to focus their resources on what is the most demanded product. But knowing them, I'm sure they will get those bugs fixed. :)

  • TTTH drops me to the desktop at the end of every game. I played it on someone else's computer and after every game it asks if you want another game. I just bought this game today and it's annoying to have to restart the entire program for every game.
    You can email an answer to me at please.
    Thank you. I LOVE the game otherwise.

  • Did you buy a download (either from us or another source), or is this the packaged version available in stores?

    Also can you please post your system specs?

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