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First glimpse at the german dub

posted by Harald B on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users

Following giving Culture Shock away to new members, some guy has posted a short glimpse on YouTube. I must say I'm not impressed, so here's hoping it sounds better when playing it yourself. The way the cutscene-music towards the end doesn't connect properly anymore is especially disappointing...

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  • @Stoney said:
    About "Patience is a hard razor to swallow" well, how would you have translated it? "

    First og all it's sharp not hard, nut never mind.
    It's not easy, but I got a few suggestions
    "Geduld bedeutet eine scharfe Rasierklinge zu schlucken"
    "Geduld schluckt sich wie eine scharfe Rasierklinge" (probably the best one)
    "Geduld ist eine zu schluckende scharfe Rasierklinge"
    "Geduld ist als wolle man eine scharfe Rasierklinge schlucken"
    Ok most of them aren't that good. But I still think the second one is better then "Für Geduld braucht man ganz schön Geduld"
    But you're right, there are much worse dubs.

  • Alright my bad. ;)

    Well first we need to determine the meaning of the sentence:

    "Patience is a sharp razor to swallow"

    For me it basically means "Patience is a virtue" or "Geduld ist eine Tugend" its just far more over the top.

    I would basically use one of these:

    Geduld ist eine rasiermesserscharfe Tugend die sich in deinem Hals festsetzt, kleiner Freund.
    Geduld ist eine rasiermesserscharfe Tugend, kleiner Freund.
    Geduld kratzt in deinem Hals wie eine Rasierklinge, kleiner Freund.

    The Problem is that "swallowing" is not used this way in the german language. iE there are other terms like "Swallow your pride" etc.

  • I just saw it as "Patience is hard and painful"

  • Your last one is pretty good Stoney
    I don't think it really means Patience is a virtue
    OK in some ways it does.
    But I think it's more like "To be patient isn't much fun" or "It's hard to be patient"
    Like badwolf said

    Swollowing really isn't used (much) in germany like in your example (Though if you translate it too "schlucke deinen Stolz" people would understand what is meant)

    But Sam dosen't say somethimg like "swollow your patience"
    It's more like a comparison... Patience "feels" like swollowing a sharp razor.

    Maybe someone should start an interpretation topic.:D

  • If we get to the bottom of it, it means: "Having Patience is difficult". Well we could start an translation thread but what good would it do? It´s translated already by more pro guys then we are, but i´m open for discussing as its an interesting topic.

    A good bet would be this: "Geduld .. sie ist wie das Kratzen einer Rasierklinge in deinem Hals" but that sounds pretty harsh in my opinion. I think its not ment to be that brutal, but on the other hand, hey .. its Sam & Max. ;)

    Any other phrases open for discussion? It´s a good way to have Sam & Max doing something educational. ;)

  • hehe
    yeah, it's an interesting topic and it's fun to come up with your own Ideas.
    I've only seen the videos, that where posted here, so I don't know any other phrases that should get a better translation.
    But: "Just you, me and the authority of seven states. But those where quieter times" shouldn't be translatet too "Nur du, ich und die Polizei von sieben Bundesstaate. Und das war der ruhige Teil"
    The first sentence is OK. But the second one shoud be "Aber das waren ruhigere Zeiten."

  • Oh Mein Got, and you're still dissecting the first act of the first episode of the first season... :eek:

    BTW, we - the Dutch - are used to reading subtitles, almost none of the American (and British and for that matter - the German and French, etc) shows are subbed. Just a handful of toddler programmes (Teletubbies comes to mind, also Bob the Builder).
    In fact, even if I'm watching a DVD or something on, say, the BBC, then I'm inclined to turn on Teletext (Closed Captioning) to read (in English) what they're saying, even though it's not in my native tongue. I'm just used to reading along!


  • Hey, I had dutch for three years at school... but since I don't really use it anymore, it's hard for me to speak. I still understand most of it though (if you speak slow enough;))
    I know you dutch people are used to subtitles.
    I'm pretty used to subtitles in games as most of my games are not dubbed.
    I also like to wath DVDs with original tone, as long it's english. (or german of course). Most of the time I don't really look at the subtitles.
    and yes
    I am still dissecting the first act of the first episode of the first season
    becaus (like I already said) it's fun to do so. (Not to degrade the original)
    And I've already said multible times, that the german dub isn't that bad.
    I guess that most people just had very high expectations.
    After watching the videos multible times, you kinda get used to the voice actors.
    Maybe I'll even get the german version, when it's becoming cheaper. But I don't really have to buy it.

  • If someone got some other stuff about the French dub, please warn me! :p

    I'm waiting for to ship the game, buuut... A video of the episode 1 introduction will just be nice :p

    I know, you can select the language for the European version, so... if you can capture a little video and host it on youtube or anything else :p

    Thank you :)

  • don't know anything about the french voices in season 1 (ordered the dvd at telltale before even knowing the localisation was on its way, and don't care much about it anyway), but i do know that max's french voice was awfull in Hit the road. As far as i remember i had always played the us version until an english-hater friend of mine got the french one... Sam sounded okay, but they had given max some horrible "silly-child-that-makes-you-wanna-throw-up-and-sitck-loads-of-X-rated-stuff-up-his-damn-nostrils's voice which was nerve-breaking AND totally out of character.
    So i sure hope they won't do the same this time.

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