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Poker Night Patch Update

posted by Amy Lukima on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users

First I'd like to thank everyone who provided information about issues with Poker Night. We now have enough information to fix the cause of most of these issues, but it will take until next week to complete a patch.

Segment Next has com compiled a great list of temporary fixes that may work for some of you until the patch comes out next week:

Thank you so much for your patience and being part of the Telltale community.

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  • @Kaldire said: lol why you listed full specs ill never know mate..
    No clue why you would need to mention having 4gb and wasting it to xp (i prefer xp but why 4 gb?)

    Because XP with 4GB ist still faster than Vista/7 with 4GB.

  • @Hassat Hunter said: Well, your PC certainly looks capable. But since I don't recall the entire forum what was your issue again? If it crashes at your native, try something lower, although width the same width/height ratio?
    Also, trying to run it on less cores than 6 (that's new for me, I knew 2, 4 and 8, never heard of 6 before)...

    My issue is that the game will not boot. It doesn't stick in memory for more than a second. It'll start and then die/get killed/crash/take its own life almost instantly. Furthermore, because I can't get it to boot and the perfs.prop file has no resolution information, I can't choose a different resolution for the game.

    @Hassat Hunter said: when you run in steam, the cloud holds most of the data, again another reason to try the non steam version.. see if it works..
    10-1 it will at least have substance in the file listed.

    Normally I would agree with you. However, Steam has a policy of making that an option for users. On any game that stores config info, savegames, progress, etc in the steam cloud is an option in the properties window to turn this function off. Poker Night's properties window mentions nothing about steam cloud. I've also put steam into offline mode, turned off my internet connection, deleted perfs. prop and tried launching the game-- didn't work.

    One of the reasons I'm truly frustrated with Poker Night is that I seem unable to force clean slate. I've done everything I could to force a clean slate state and nothing has worked.

  • @der_ketzer said: Because XP with 4GB ist still faster than Vista/7 with 4GB.

    Lol that was not my point :P
    just why list the specs? that was the point.
    Id agree on vista/7 esp vista HISS.. my fav os is still 98se and XP pro sp2 :P
    so im with ya on that

    As for STEAM, there are MANY games that REQUIRE you to use STEAM or your stats and such will never update.. leaderboards etc..

    you disable the cloud and some games wont even give you the rewards (pointless but fun to obtain)

    So your game doesnt even boot?! oh well thats a huge issue, mine had sound and the menu but when I started it was just black with sound of the elevator...

    im stumped scorch!
    I hate to say this but..
    HAVE you tried the TTG version just to SEE?
    might sound dumb but in the realm of computers, sometimes I think they hear us and wont work just out of spite!

    waves fist in air at tech demi god

  • just glancing at the topics I first read this as "nude patch" LOL Strip poker at the inventory..... feel free NOT to photoshop that.

  • hey id love to see some mock of that

    Max... this isnt strip poker! from strongbad
    oh this? I wear nothing 8 days a week! .. lol

    scorch, pm me! lets try to work this out! orrr
    wait for the patch..

    I love to help but most times I get caught up in the moment and most misunderstand my factoids as hatred or such. IE.. pointing out that it was pointless to state you had 4gb ram, wasnt meant to harm just seemed, redundant as this isnt a ram issue.

    not even loading, is NOT the same error most have hmm ill work on this more but seems it might be fixed properly before the side fixes.

    cheers to the patient!
    wish I could help

    anyone try that rivatuner or such I recommended? it helped when flash based games started giving me issues online for a while.

  • The truly bizarre thing is that I tried it again this afternoon, killed the "Launching Poker Night" window, tried again, AND IT WORKED!

    Granted, it's windowed, and I can't seem to change that or change the resolution (without a crash), but the game actually loads and plays now.

  • see its about the stretch somehow..

    niiice.. see what I mean about computers being like alive and hearing ya?
    sorta like cars

    shhhh betsy might stop working at any moment!

    grats mate!


    Went to start Poker Night to burn twenty minutes just now, and my problem is back...


    At least I got all the poker night items. Anxiously awaiting a steam patch here...

  • @Scorch_Mechanic said: ARGLEBARGLE

    Went to start Poker Night to burn twenty minutes just now, and my problem is back...


    At least I got all the poker night items. Anxiously awaiting a steam patch here...

    Hmmm seems you care about the items yet afterward you still want to play the game. Good most new users just flat out want the items and hate telltale for it.

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