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howl's moving castle (papercraft)

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I LOVE the movie Howl's moving castle (and the book equilly as well), so when I saw that there was a scale model available to print off and build online, and this model was in turn one of the most difficult papercraft models ever invented, I just had to try to tackle it =D

It's turning out really nice ^_^ and you guys are one of the best communities of people on the internet so I thought i'd share this and see what you all thought ^_^

If anyone is interested i'm thinking of making a youtube slideshow style video guide explaining the steps and techniques used to build the castle... it's quite a difficult undertaking without a good guide since the instructions are entirely in japanese xDD

Edit: the ending math... I finished this project in 137 hours... thats 5.7 DAYS of solid work (almost a week)... I watched through a few seasons of dharma and greg, a few seasons of ducktales, 3 seasons of gummi bears, 1 season of mad about you, and almost 6 season of the smurfs adventures... not to mention the 10 plus movies i watched... ^_^ full castle pictures have been uploaded ^_^

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