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Everything still 50% off?

posted by joseph9631 on - last edited - Viewed by 163 users

The sale for 50% is over yet everything is still 50% off, how does this work?


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  • Hmm
    Again Id watch out. They have been revoking purchases due to mess ups on their end.
    Its pretty hectic.
    The current deal I see is for money off on the monkey island set 19.95 vs 49.99 Great deal for that swag ILL TELL YOU!!!

    get that monkey boxed set if its really what deal it is.. its SOOO worth it..
    as for steam ..shudder.. again try to get that nice swag box from them.
    curse them. and praise them.. again double edged sword.

    May I ask which stuff you are buying?
    It might be showing a discount on items that shouldnt be.
    My suggestion since the day is young is call or PM telltale.

    If my emails arent answered im calling today later. Not to yell just to figure out whats what, and why people are getting items taken away.

    so yea I have a screenshot for each day of XMAS on TTG.. day 1 and 2 were 50% off.. as well as one other day I THINK... or it was 25% off..
    (at that time NO BTTF merch was avail and the discount did not include BTTF the game)

    pm or post me what ya bought. No codes or names or anything just prices and such!
    im curious.

    90 discount sounds... insane and great!!!
    but id hate for you to get it erased and a message saying sorry that deal was long over!

    (another feeling I have is that LAAAAATER this 30 day thing they will do some INSANE last minute sale)

    hoping for 75% off EVERYTHING MUHAHAHA.. ahem sorry
    then I can grab all my shirts and BTTF stuff ive left in the dust.

    Bottom line .. here is the best and cheapest way to get these unless you just want the codes.. which you dont!! Want the DVD + CE versions, you are on the right site!
    TTG is way more cooler than STEAM in terms of people skills

    Cheers and luck to you!!!
    dont forget to post or pm me!


  • Uh hate to double post but.. telltale?
    amy? anyone?

    You have it so the store is registering EVERYTHING as 50% off.. and nothing has been said
    todays deal (for 3 days now) MONKEY ISLAND DELUXE BOX
    SOOO friggen worth it!!

    but everything is listing 50% off..
    we dont want more revokes.. so please let us know whats going on before the day is almost over and yet another deal is wiped

    cry and sigh..

  • I think today's deal is the 50% off. Monkey Island Deluxe deal doesn't seem to work anymore.

  • Well, for me it's the 12th day and Monkey Island has been on for the 11th and now the 12th. However when adding it to me cart it comes up to $25 instead of the $20 it says. I live in Australia if that helps matters.

  • ok so they show the wrong deal... and take games away... and ahhhh

    50% deal? I dont see how...I mean I wont complain if thats true as it makes it CLOSE to what I was wanting in the first place (maybe its their way of saying here sorry! get stuff now!)
    but Ill be damned if im ordering a single thing until its confirmed
    or it might be erased and stripped without refund.

    (holds breath)
    prays to TTG gods..

  • Psst... They pushed all the deals up a day is my guess due to WAG messing up.

  • but that still wouldnt make sense..
    the deal would be MI unless day 12 is another 50% off.. which they havent stated.
    I think we should stop guessing

    go ahead and order... after the last W&G stuff im not ordering ANYTHING until I get a green light on my stripped order.

    just be careful... and free shipping is not international.. from what I know.

  • Today's deal is 50% off everything in the store except for Back to the Future and Poker Night.

  • hmm its not exactly free for WnG...
    soo alan shall we expect results in the support forums
    about vanishing dvds and all else ordered.
    will there be another WnG day?..

    Im holding all my orders..
    at least alan replied guys/gals ty alan

    now for the support crew and the case of the vanishing buys (sounds like a nick bounty adventure)

  • @Alan Johnson said: Today's deal is 50% off everything in the store except for Back to the Future and Poker Night.

    Good, somebody who knows the answers :) Do you also have the answer to the vanished WAG orders? Until e-Mals and PMs to TTG support are not answered, maybe you could help here.

    All we want is an explanation.

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