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PS3 vs PC endings for 305

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Telltale, I've heard that the PS3 release of 305 has an ending that's different from the PC versions.

In the PC version, at one point during a conversation, you have to choose whether Sam's favorite part of hanging out of Max is adventuring or crimefighting. This choice determines whether you get one of two different endings. However, you can't not have the conversation that selects what ending you get.

Conversely, in the PS3 version of 305, it's apparently possible to avoid this conversation, with the result that you get an ending that's slightly different from either PC ending.

But, I'm still not sure if that conversation (the one that produces the branching-ending effect) is actually included in the PS3 version at all.

So, I'm asking you guys to state on the record: Does the PS3 version of 305 only have one ending? Or does it have all three endings, of which one is not available on the PC version?

I really hope it's the former.... I'm frankly sick of PS3 users getting exclusive content like NutriSpecs.

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