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Should telltale games make a DS game?

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One of my brothers and myself were having a little discussion about telltale games and RPGs. And he was talking to me while he was playing chrono trigger on his Ds, and he then says this "Why cant that company who brought back Monkey Island do a 2D game for the DS? I'd pay to see that." Now my brother isnt really a big fan of telltale, but he does love the strong bad game as well as Puzzle agent(Which he mistakened was a DS title).

Now should telltale games make a DS game for the DS as well as 3DS? It will be interesting to see what they can think of for it.

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  • @KuroShiro said: The only good DS games are ones that are designed specifically for the DS.

    What about the Phoenix Wright games?

  • Or the Chrono Trigger port/update

  • I suppose. Though in the case of Chrono Trigger (and any other SNES updates really) the SNES had an identical control scheme to the DS minus the touch screen so there was really no redesign or update needed.

    Same thing for the GBA really. Let me rephrase: only games designed for the DS or essentially identical systems will make good DS games :D.

  • You could also say that porting a game "up" to the DS will generally work out fine, but porting a game "down" to DS will almost always have severe problems. Where that line is drawn is pretty fuzzy but we can see what has worked and what hasn't. The only exception I can think of that I've played was Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle, which made a rather phenomenal translation down to the DS as a result of a rather brilliant dev team creating an amazing engine for it. Broken Sword also plays pretty well, but that's more of a sideways step from 90's computers to DS.

    An all-3D engine like Telltale's, I don't see it working out on the current generation DS without a crippling loss of detail. Puzzle Agent could hypothetically work but it'd have to be practically rebuilt.

  • If they ported any of their games to the 3DS, I'd buy it again just to see it in 3D.

    @Guinea said: And afaik TMI already supports a 3D mode.

    Yes. Yes it does. :p

  • @LuigiHann said: Maybe for the 3DS. I don't think they'd be able to get any version of the Telltale Tool engine up and running on the current DS generation.

    I know that it may not be part of the subject, but I gotta ask (since it's telltale-nintendo related): What's with TTG games not working well on the wii. It just puzzles me how many games can work pretty good on the wii while TTG seems to always have problems with it, eather frame rate, audio, or some other thing. Is it because the companies they work with on this ports just load the games on the disk rather to modify them to fit better on the console? Is it because the engine doesen't work with wii graphcis (even if that may kind of dumb considering games like colors and galaxy)? I may look like a fool or un-informed, but honestly I have no idea and I found really sad to see S&M season 2 having such atrocious frame rate on my wii...

  • Honestly? Telltale is still a smallish studio, and porting games from a PC to a console is hard. You could blame the processing power of the Wii, but Telltale's ports on other consoles have issues as well, and in fact even big-company PC-to-console ports tend to suffer a bit in the process. PC-to-Wii ports just tend to fare the worst because the games are programmed to use the features of the PC, and then the Wii has much stricter limitations, so they just make things work as well as they can within the time that their budget allows. If they were to rewrite the games from scratch to work on the Wii, I'm sure they'd look and play perfectly, but that much redesigning isn't feasible for rather niche games, I suppose.

  • I wonder would a Hit The Road port work on the DS...?

    I know it's LucasArts, like, but just a thought.

  • @Hayley the Hedgie said: I wonder would a Hit The Road port work on the DS...?

    I know it's LucasArts, like, but just a thought.

    1.Buy a flashcard
    2.Download ScummVM for ds
    3.Install & play Hit The Road

  • @mightypiratetm said: 1.Buy a flashcard
    2.Download ScummVM for ds
    3.Install & play Hit The Road

    Christ, I forgot totally about that. |D

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