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Back to the Future Episode One Waiting Thread

posted by thepiller on - last edited - Viewed by 8.4K users

What the hell am i gonna do for a whole week to take my mind off of the release?

This game should be awesome everything looks and sounds perfect so far. Dream come true for lifelong Bttf fans, I think ill watch all the films this week to gear up for it.

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  • GreaTT SCoTT !!! Merry Christmas indeed buttheads!

  • Good thing I have so many things to do while waiting for the game, like actually watching the movies!

    ...Well, I have watched them already on TV, but only parts of each one, I just never got to watch them all completely >.>

  • Ah, that's great! I finish school on Monday, so I can wait as long as I want that night, or play it next afternoon. Btw, should I assume (in the UK) that it will come out on Thursday? Poker Night and TCTDNS came out midnight and the next morning respectively. Then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th episodes of Sam & Max 3 came out withen 3, 2 and 1 hours after TT started work. But, since I can stay up late, I may wait for it, download it (not too late though. Maybe 1 am at the latest) and play it the next day. Or get a half hour depending when I get it. I may just think they'll take a few hours on the day to finish it off, both those games were bug free (except for Poker Night for some people. And that bug that stopped me moving as Hover-Sam) and enjoy them slightly more.
    Okay, I'll do that. Just say Thursday is the release date. For me. Unless I keep checking all night. At least we now know it is coming next week, regardless of where we stay...

  • Ahh only 1 week to wait, time to get the blu-rays out of the box again and start another Back to the future evening to shorten the wait.

  • @Dave McFly said: i was posting a link to a video but i did not see the message that a mod had to approve it so i reposted it different but similar post so the mod that has to approve that post please disregard the other post, just the 1st one i tried to submit, thanks :).

    Done- it's an antispam feature.

  • @jp-30 said: Done- it's an antispam feature.

    thanks, I am new here (but a long time BTTF fan, check my username ;)) so I am still learning how this forum works :).

  • I REALLY need to watch back to the future again, as I've forgotten half the plot/characters

  • What I will do while I wait? is what Im playing and enjoying. ^^


  • I'm just rewatching BttF on DVD (no blue-ray, meh), but it's oh so brilliant.
    Gonna pop in part II now ^^

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