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Post your great rounds.

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Like the title says, this is where you tell us about some super lucky(or funny) play that happened in Poker Night, dont post dialoge because there is a thread about that already. This is more on the plays that caught your attention.

I just recently had the heavy go all in, and I was hoping for something good so I went all in as well, only for Strong Bad to go all in and bet his dangeresque glasses. This was at the very begining as well so not all the cards where in yet(why the heavy went all in that early Ill never know) and it showed the first set of cards which gave strong bad an advantage. Followed by the next set for strong bad to win, but I didnt notice I had a Flush the entire time during all this. I won the dangeresque glasses and eliminated Strong Bad and the Heavy in one swoop without even thinking I would win.

So post any of your good plays here.

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  • @SunnyGuy said: So Max cheated? =P

    Er, no, the hand described is very possible.

    crfh: QJ
    Max: AA
    Board: AAKT8

    Thus crfh has AKQJT and Max has AAAAK.

    @SunnyGuy said: They don't use a single deck in this game.

    I have no idea where you get that idea. All poker is played with a single deck, and Poker Night is no exception. Maybe you're confused because the cards on the board are shared by all players?

  • @furrykef said: Er, no, the hand described is very possible.

    crfh: QJ
    Max: AA
    Board: AAKT8

    Thus crfh has AKQJT and Max has AAAAK.


    Oh right, I dunno why my mind inmediately thought of "normal" poker (forgot the proper name). Silly me :o

  • Duuuh sorry, yeah. That's what I meant. XD

  • I was playing against just Max, because everyone else folded, and I had an Ace of Spades and a 10 of Spades. Max had an Ace of Hearts and a 10 of Hearts. We tied.

  • First round I get a pair of queens right at the beggining and me and max keep betting till we are all in and I beat his pair of Jacks. Second round I win bringing Strong Bad to 4000. Third round I knock out Strong Bad. Fourth round I lose. Fifth round I beat Heavy and Tycho winning the tournament without ever having the blinds raised

  • I--only once--managed to get everyone to go all in on the first hand. It was close. Things were tense. I was ready to duck the fire from Heavy's minigun.

    Then I got a straight that was ONE CARD HIGHER than everybody else, who, by the way, also had straights. (Thanks to the straight in the five cards.) Instawin.

  • I have an absolutely amazing round the other day. The community cards were a 10, two Jacks, a Queen, as well as a King. Tycho and Max had folded, but Strong Bad and the Heavy were both going all-in. It was obvious that they both had a straight, as well as they did.

  • I was playing earlier tonight, seeing if I could get one of the last 3 achievements I need, and I had what might have been one of the most crazy finishes ever.

    Now, I'm not good at poker, so most of my wins are blind luck. I had set the difficulty to hard to see if I could get the "win a game - hard" achievement. I was loosing pretty badly, and I had only about $2000 left. I ended up going all-in, even though I had some pretty low cards. Tycho and Strong Bad went into a betting war, until they both went all-in as well. Everyone showed their cards, and the host declared the results. Tycho had a straight. Strong Bad had a flush. And I had a straight flush.

    I was floored. I mean, getting a straight flush is crazy as it is, but what are the odds of that happening. I honestly wish I took a screenshot of it, but was too shocked to hit that ~ key.

    In the end, both of them were knocked out, and I had over $30,000. Unfortunately, I ended up loosing quite badly when going 1-on-1 with Max.

  • I just recall knocking out three of the characters at once with a flush one time. I can't even remember which characters it was or what my cards were.

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