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The Bone Info Thread (WARNING: Might be long load)

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Why?, Cuz for some reason I like to make long posts when its late at night and I'm tired. hmm..? Whats that? Oh yes,

Bone...Sorry in advance if its stuff you already know.. it doesent matter really!

Bone is amazing. It would make a perfect adventure game.
I've been playing adventure games since Hit the Road came out. I loved it. Same with all of the other classics...full
throttle, day of the tenticle, the monkey islands etc...
I never played Grim Fandango unfortunatly. These games are hard to come by now... I had them all for mac back in the day but now I have a pc so its been years since I've played them (except for the monkey islands).

Anyways, yea sure.... Bone is great! You get sucked in the story and you can't put it down. I don't think the game will be based off the first Book alone. Its way too short for a game. It's probably going to be the whole story if anything...even though the whole story is a long one. So expect a really big game. Maybe they'll break it into Two or Three games...but anything less then it'll be way too short.

I've know about bone for awhile and its well worth the read. I totally recommend it for those of you who have doubts.

Its full of humor,







and even some romance.

There were orignally 55 issues made for bone. Then were later made into 9 volumes of black and white goodness.

Out From Boneville
The Great Cow Race
Eyes Of the Storm
The Dragonslayer
Rockjaw: Master of the Eastern Border
Old Man's Cave
Ghost Circles
Treasure Hunters
Crown of Horns

Then recently they were all compiled into a 1,300 page one volume edition (hard and soft cover).
On top of that now all nine volumes are being re-done in colour starting with the first out from boneville.
The website for that is here :
Pics from here:

So have yourself a slice of quiche, pull up a chair and read BONE!

k thanks!

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  • Well, I couldn't resist & the the first comic is reserved for me at the local library. Guess I'll get it in the next few days.

    I think, if I do end up buying the series, that I'll get the full-colour Scholastic reprints rather than the B&W compendium.

  • I'm ordering both the first volume of the colored ones from scholastic (which is the only one out so far), and the all-in-one thingie at the first sight of some money. i've been putting off reading the comics for too long a time, and this is the perfect "excuse".

    I was a little worried about wether i would read the comics or not before the games, but since i'm a scatterbrain, i'll probably remember little when the games start pouring out anyways. plus, being that this is adventure games, they're usually inventory based, which still will have you being stuck at puzzles and stuff, just that you're in a familiar world.(after reading the comics). That's my conclusion anyways. If it's a wise one or not, we'll just have to see. Or I'll never know ofcourse.

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    What I would both like to see and expect to see (given the information they've already dissiminated) is an adaption of each book, one game per book, that follows the existing narrative in detail. Bone is a story with a beginning, middle, and end, and I think the games are just a way of telling the same story in a different medium.

    I've seen people say there's not enough material in the first book alone to make a full game -- why not? There's plenty of character development, and plenty of small challenges for individual characters to overcome, which is exactly what Adventure Games are: a series of small problems to solve. As well, these are going to be smallish episodic games. I'd expect them to take 2-5 hours to finish, not 20-50. There's certainly enough in the first book to fill up that, easily.

  • I don't know how willing I'd be to pay $15-$20 per episode of a game that only offered 2-5 hours of game play. Actually I do know. Not very willing at all. I'd be more inclined to wait for the series to be completed and then buy it all at once as a package deal, if that's the case, even if it does take three years.

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    I think the idea is to fill 18-45 hours of the game with loading times.

  • So the game will be made available on 3.5" floppy disks then. Hehe... [>:)]

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    Yes! Lets have floppies! Lots of floppies!

    How many floppies would it take, I wonder... :s

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    6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 and 2/3 exactly. No more no less. Don't ask me how I got that answer because all I'll say is it involved 50 kilos of Rice, David Hasselhoff and branding iron.

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    But how did you don't want to know. You're right. I'll leave it at that.

    Ooooh. Think of the box this game will have to come in with all those floppies. Wohooo :D

  • I'm still trying to figure out how I would install a game like that. My laptop doesn't even have a floppy drive for input, and except for the optical drive and battery compartment, most of it's other orifaces aren't big enough to accommodate 3.5 inch disks.

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