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So how long till another series or Monkey Island game?

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I, like many here were sad during the 9 year wait for a new Monkey Island game. Me and probably a lot of people were probably spamming the LucasArts forums and emailing Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer into trying to find a way to bring it back. Eventually our prays were answered and the grog swilling Guybrush returned in both an update version of the first game and a new Fifth title in the series by Telltale. This year we saw also LeChuck's Revenge re-released with updated graphics and full voice cast.

Now the question, which I'm sure everyone is thinking, is when will the next chapter in the epic saga be released?
Hopefully something will come along or be announced. Will Telltale ever plan to do a second series? or if so another full game?
If not, at least some sort of material like a comic series by Steve Purcell or some short videos, or maybe even a game book.
But hopefully we wont have to wait a long time again like we did before :(.

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