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BTTF Ep1: MAC OS X - Game doesn't start

posted by duosoft on - last edited - Viewed by 653 users

I installed the game, and when i double click on the game app, the BTTF Game window pops up (it has several sections within the window that seem to be reserved for items like Titles, and links and text and such, but they are all empty. All there is is a picture of marty and the delorean, and "Episodes" on the left, but there's not list under it. just empty.)

and nothing else loads, nothing else happens.

please help, thanks.

ps. tried reinstalling, redownloading, etc. same thing.

also, there is a little icon in my windows now on the top right of the bttf game icon. a quick link or something. how do i get rid of that?

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