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Sending two orders together? (kind of)

posted by Cyphox on - last edited - Viewed by 199 users

edit: dont missunderstand me, i dont mean TOGETHER exactly, i mean what i wrote already, you'll understand what i want, im sure.

Hey Amy, our beloved support girlie! (or any other support guy/girl reading this thread, i love you same at least, if not more, if you can grant my wish)

quick question:

i placed two orders in the last few days. for one order i had to pay shipment costs, for the other one i didnt.

in both orders are goods that are backordered aka not in stock right now.

so i wanna ask:

is it possible to send one package with the stuff from both orders thats available right now and one package with all the backordered stuff? would be great!

thanks in advance!

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