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Xbox 360 Csi Hard Evidence Case 3 Shock Rock Stuck!!!!

posted by itspricey on - last edited - Viewed by 299 users

Hi I am stuck on shock rock as I can not find Jills Straw at the murder scene backstage. I need this to match Jills DNA from swab I have taken.
Please Help!!!!

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  • it is in the back of the stage area.... by the overturned table, if you are having trouble seeing back there.... turn up the brightness on your monitor

    use the flash light on it, then pick it up with the gloves

    once you have the straw, use the LCV spray on the blood spot on it, then swab the blood.....

    you can match the 2 samples at the DNA workstation in the csi lab

  • Cheers. Thats High Def Tvs For You I Have Spent The Whole Case Not Seeing The Table In The Back Area Of Stage!!!
    Thanks Again

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