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Plushie Max (with pics!)

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I made this thread instead of putting this in the fanart thread well, because there's way too many pics, and also because this isn't exactly a drawing.

Anyway, as I said before, my kid is 5 and wanted a plushie Max for Xmas so I thought I'd make one. It's ready! I tried to make him as accurate as possible.


Max is sturdy enough to stand on his own, but he needs to be propped against something. I made it this way so he could sit down. He's somewhat articulated, I made him a skeleton with a ton of pipe cleaners. I would have needed a thicker wire to actually be able to pose the arms, but since it's for my kid, I decided it might be dangerous.


It's good to relax!


Woo! Shake it baby!


Fighting crime is tough work!

Did I mention he talks?

That's right, you poke his belly button and he goes "Oooh I got it, I got it!". Thanks for William Kasten for providing the voice. I totally ripped it out from The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball. ;)

Also thanks to Steve Purcell for creating these awesome characters and for personally answering my question about the colors for Max's feet. Woot!


Hahaha, you crack me up Max, I mean Sam!


Wait a second, I DIED????


Happy Holidays, kids!


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