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Holiday Bundle Question

posted by vincentblackrose on - last edited - Viewed by 61 users

Hey, I'm thinking of ordering the bundle for 49.95 and was wondering if that bundle included shipping the DVDs or I do that though a separate process and the bundle is only being bought for digital copies of S&M and whatnot? I'm just 5 cents off of free shipping so I wonder if buying something else would be worth it to offset the shipping cost. Thanks to those who respond

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  • The bundle gets you the digital copies. You could then get all the DVDs for free from Telltale in a second order (though you may have to get them to add these to your cart for you).

    I should imagine that that would cover the free shipping anyway, as long as you're quick (don't know how much longer that offer lasts), as it's the pre-discounted price that matters, not the actual price you'd be paying (nothing). (As all the discs would be put in individually it should count the cost as if you were buying everything separately as far as the shipping cut-off goes, even though you're not actually paying anything, and got them in a bundle.)

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