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Can't turn off hint system completely/ icons way too big

posted by Chocolade on - last edited - Viewed by 942 users

In the game while playing i went to the help menu and changed there to text popup and goal popup and hint level to the lowest and still its telling me what to do in the game.

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  • @Hassat Hunter said: Having an option to completely remove the hint button and goal button (Giving more screen) would be nice though :D

    Seconded! They are huge icons, and take up a ton of space. And it is sort of weird that there is an icon for "The Story So Far" which I have yet to actually use, but yet in order to reach the Game Menu (to save, load, quit, etc) you have to hit Esc. There ought to be an icon for that, since it is likely to be used much more often, and get rid of the Goals, hints, and Story So Far icons. Just put them in the Menu.

  • At least have the option to turn the UI off. You can open the inventory by middle-clicking, so none of the icons need to be onscreen.

  • I found it quite annoying during Docs lab when the hints would cover a large area at the top of the screen. Thinking that clicking the hint would get rid of it, I ended up clicking the objects behind it, in this case the clocks on the wall. So in a way the hints are infact obstucting the view of gameplay objects that are still active.

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    It's there since I started playing, but it's so distracting. I didn't enabled the goals upon start and made sure they're disabled in the settings. I'm now at his lab and the beginning. Will they stop showing?


  • It will go away later in game. It's just for the first 5 actions or so.

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    Ah, ok, thx. All those "we take you by your hand" things are really weird when you grew up with Zork, Ultima and Maniac Mansion :p

  • I didn't knew about middle clicking for Inventory (using WASD)... but yeah, removing all icons would be nice. I could be used for us, or pretty much any other key, a keyboard has many buttons ;).

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @Hassat Hunter said: Having an option to completely remove the hint button and goal button (Giving more screen) would be nice though :D

    YES, YES, YES and YES. The entire Doc's lab scene is clustered with those. It's just ugly and, by the way, no one ever gets to experience the game like it was shown on the gameplay scenes.

  • Definitely one thing I agree with. Especially with the constant hint saying "Have you looked at Doc's model?"

  • i completed the game twice, but i cant remember this hint.

    maybe because i turned off the hint system in the game options right from the start? or am i just deaf when it comes to hints???

    and yeah, i would also like an option to hide the gui

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