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Sam & Max DVD region

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I've decided to order the Season 1 DVD and was wondering if the what region the DVD is set to or if it is region free (I'm in Australia)?

In either case I guess I should really invest in a multi-region DVD player soon ;)


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  • It's region free/NTSC. Most (newer) Aussie DVD players & tv sets should be able to handle it no probs. I played all the videos on the DVD in my player no problems, and the game worked on the PC :)

    Yes, you should invest in a multi-region player, or at least look up the model number of your current player in google to see if you can de-regionise it with just a few button presses...

    It's crazy nowadays - you can get a region free dvd player with all the necessary outputs, support for DivX/XviD video files, even a USB port, and all for about AU$50...

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