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Is a 1993 deal possible?

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With "Mr. Pur.'s" permission, can some kind of legal/back-alley deal be reached with Lucas Arts to sell some kind of version of the original "Sam and Max Hit the Road?"
(EDIT: I am refering to a possible rerelease that works on Win7, perhaps not a version with modern graphics if that is decided by anybody to be going too far)

EDIT: P.S. If any Telltale people read this, could you please go on and send Mr. Purcell a memo regarding this "catch 22-triangle" of IP owner/game owner/contract holder. (at least it couldn't hurt)

If no action is taken by you, TTG, then chances seem slim:

1. It seems it is only possible if all 3 parties (the creator, the current contract holder - TTG, and Lucus Arts) agree to have a Special Edition exist.

2. I truly think Lucus Arts fears a possible lawsuit if the creator was not the one to suggest the Special Edition in the first place.

3. Lucas Arts already has proof that Hit the Road would sell again because of the obviously positive reation to TTG's Sam and Max projects.

So, TTG representives, any chance of Steve agreeing to a Special Edition "Peace Treaty" between everybody? :confused:

(I am sorry if this has been covered before, but I could not find any information on this subject.)

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