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Has this "conversation" happened for anyone?

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This was pretty unbelievable for me when it happened, but I'm pretty sure I didn't just imagine it. I wish I had taken a video (from now on when playing, I'll have Fraps running on buffer!)

Basically, in an All-In showdown, the Heavy had a very good hand (a Straight maybe) but someone beat him with either a higher straight or a flush. Rather than just give a loss line, he COMPLETELY flips out. He grimaces in fury at his cards, crushes them into his hands while screaming in frustration, then grabs the table and flips it over (much to the surprise of the players!), producing Sasha and revving her up at the other players.

A moment later the Heavy is back how he was, table reset, and he puts his cards down and leaves (possibly implying it was his daydreaming)

No one has mentioned this occurrence before. My wondering...
A. It's just a really rare thing to happen, under a certain set of conditions (ie, losing an All-In with a good hand)
B. It was cut from the game but the materials remained - then some glitch during my game caused it to happen (possible, because of the unconnectedness at the end)
C. Somehow being tired made me imagine things that night.

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