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BTTF Tribute Part 2 (End of January) - What would you like to see in it?

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Yeah, we'd like to hear your opinions! What would you like to see in episode 2?

Before you reply, a few points to point out... in a pointing manner:

- We wanted to make the costumes look like that in the first episode. No worries on the costumes ;) can't say more.
- We have a draft on the full story, so we can't really modify that just because someone would like to see spacemen in the tribute.
- We will have at least one song per episode.
- This isn't your typical BTTF tribute in which the characters are Marty and Doc... you already noticed that. It's a parallel story which gives an answer to a "what if..." question.
- Wanna join in with a cameo? I'm working right now on the second script draft, so send me a PM and we'll start talking about it.

Now that we cleared that, what would you like to see? :)

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