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TOMI ipad issue

posted by taj500 on - last edited - Viewed by 101 users

I'm playing chapter 1 of tales of monkey island on the ipad but have come across an issue where it wont let me play any further!

I'm talking to the voodoo lady in the shack and it won't let me finish talking to her! The ipad version is only showing 4 options of things you can say to her. In the PC version there are extra options 'Tell me more about the locket' 'What's your name, anyway?' and 'See ya' but the ipad version doesn't let you scroll down and view the other options.

Consequently you cannot do anything apart from exit the game!!

Can you tell me how you can scroll down the options please?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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  • Ignore that - someone has shown me how to do it! Turns out there are arrows but they're in a different place to the PC being blind! Maybe they need to be made clearer though as they kinda blend in to the background!!

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