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drawn 3d v real 3d v First person 3d

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Just wondered what do people prefer the drawn 3d worlds like monkey island 1&2 or the almost 3d world like sam&max2 seemed to be?

Also could an adventure game be done in first person or would this just be classified as fpsrpg? What is the difference between an rpg (baldurs gate) and an adventure game is it simply the lack of character stats?

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  • [quote]Just wondered what do people prefer the drawn 3d worlds like monkey island 1&2 or......[/quote]

    I prefer drawn butter, with lemon in it, and my monkey battered and deep-fried.

    It's hard to prefer the 3D of Sam and Max since we were never graced with it's presence. Can't say. As long as it's point & click, and not direct control (with the arrow keys or a gamepad), then I'm more apt to enjoy the experience. Now, if you're speaking from a purely VISUAL standpoint, then I guess I would say drawn 3-D. At this point, it's the most detailed, I think.

    There are lots of first person adventure games. You may have heard of this little underground title called "Myst". It may or may not have sparked a flood of clones. Or an attack of the clones, as George Lucas would say. Personally, the only first person adventure games I have ever liked were Zork Nemesis and Zork Grand Inquisitor.

    The Quest for Glory series is an excellent example of an RPG adventure game. So it's not always clear cut. It depends on what the emphais is. Baldur's gate emphasizes story and fighting/action, while regular adventure games emphasize story and puzzles. Quest for Glory does all three.

  • I personally don't care about 2D or 3D. But what I didn't like about EMI was the keyboard control. I think it would have been a great game if you didn't have to use the keyboard. So thats what I like better about the 2D games, was that everything was controlled via mouse.

    I guess games like Myst with 1st person perspective are adventure games, but as a personal preference I don't play those games. I much prefer the 3rd person perspective, because I like to see my character interacting with the world.

    I really hope Telltale doesn't make any 1st person perspective games. I really can't stand that. I could live with an EMI keyboard controlled game if that was the only alternative.

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    Whatever makes the game easier for the company to make, so they can pump out more and more and more.

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    i realy dont care what games look like, it's how it turns out. i loved the way monkey island 3 looked. it was ingenious the way it was ilistrated, was very unique.

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    Monkey Island3 was nice
    but i enjoyed MI2 the most

    but Drawn 3D and normal 3d can be great like in Syberia 1&2

    and my first adventure was a first person adventure by cryo called Egypt 1156 BC

    then i discovered other games like MI,MI2 Sam And Max ect..

  • ....
    how many times are we going to rehash the same debate...

  • [quote]....
    how many times are we going to rehash the same debate...[/quote]
    In Demigod's defense, it was his first post, and actually included three questions.

    My guess though -- this will happen just as many times as we are going to post the same Top 10 somethings list, or who's your favorite game sidekick, or what did you have for breakfast topics. :) They're all interesting in their own way to certain people (but not all), but if you're not interested, you don't gotta post or even read the topic. That's the beauty of it. There are lots of topics here that I haven't even looked at beyond the front page of this forum (mostly because I arrived late to Telltale and haven't had the time). Of course, at the moment, things are quiet with Telltale, so there's not much new and exciting to talk about.

    That being said, no one's going to argue that I didn't have scrambled eggs for breakfast. They'd be right, though, because I don't eat breakfast. Sleep is my breakfast.

  • Couldn't agree with you more artwking4. I think we are just all a little restless waiting for something exciting to happen. Nerves are bound to get a little frayed, and topics are bound to be repeated. For example: I am shocked that artwking doesn't eat breakfast. It hurts me to the core of being as it is my favorite meal. I have sleep for dinner.

    Man what's wrong with that spf guy - he is totally off topic!

    (now we can avoid that potential reply)

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    Man what's wrong with tht spf guy - he is totally off topic


    (now we can avoid that potential reply)
    Not if I can help it!

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