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Poker Night Playing Decks

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I missed the ball on the Psychonauts playing cards; I don't plan to if Telltale releases physical decks from Poker Night. Here's my money, Telltale. Come an' get it.

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  • I may want the final deck. But I have to say some decks disappointed me; Homestar Runner and Sam and Max. Homestar Runner deck was lazily done and pixellated look is not an excuse. As for Sam and Max... They have a bunch of enemies and stuff, why only Mack Salmon (which is actually a pretty nice gesture), Papierwaite (as Queen?!), Skunkape and flaming Max head as Ace of Clubs. Okay... Where is SAM? Where is Max beside his flaming logo? Where are Girl Stinky and Sybil (they would be wonderful as queens), Soda Poppers (the three would make a great Jack/Queen/King, you know), Hugh Bliss, Charlie Hotep, and a bunch of other characters that would EASILY fill a total of ONLY 12 CARDS (or 16, if you count aces too)? Oh, I just unlocked Penny Arcade deck too and I'm not really loving it at the very moment.

    Yep, if they sell those, I don't want those.

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