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Poker Night: All my stats are gone!

posted by SupSuper on - last edited - Viewed by 2.6K users

So after a busy day I load up Poker Night, and it starts up in a window for some reason (I usually play full-screen). No biggie I think, sometimes games do that, I fix up the Options and go play.

I notice I have the option to "Continue Tournament" (I didn't even know the game saved tournaments) even though I finished my last tournament, but I decide to try it out anyways. The game seems to load up the last game right when I lost, with me having no money:


Yet when I start the hand I suddenly get a bunch of money to play with. :confused: Oh well, whatever, I continue the game and beat the Heavy.

Then I noticed... all my game stats are gone! :eek: Unlocks, items, everything! There's only stats for the hands I played since I loaded the game. Although the achievements are intact, you can see I had gotten the Strong Bad glasses:


Luckily I hadn't advanced much in the game so I'm not too bothered, but still, what the hell happened to all my cool stuff?? :(

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  • Fullscreen too, still happened, so that's not it. Though I got it after patching.

    Isn't it in my documents/telltale games too?

  • @Hassat Hunter said:
    Isn't it in my documents/telltale games too?

    Yes. I'm an idiot. I tried to find it in E:/ hard drive where the game is installed. But it's in C:/ where My Documents are. Duh, I mean, obvious.

  • TellTaleGames: The company that doesn't give a rat's ass about quality software.

    After this still not being fixed, and the fact that they STILL haven't fixed a 100% repeatable Class A bug in BTTF episode 1 (that affects every user of Vista or Windows 7)... that could be fixed extremely easily. I am SO saddened by where this company is going.

    It's nothing short of pathetic.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Looks like the Poker Night leftover bugs will remain forever, but give them a little more time for BTTF. They've only been back in action for a week, and it's their flagship at present.

  • @Vainamoinen said: Looks like the Poker Night leftover bugs will remain forever, but give them a little more time for BTTF. They've only been back in action for a week, and it's their flagship at present.

    Are you kidding? They're not going to make any effort to fix a bug which kills all your stats??

  • Unlike the great deal of you, I have completed earning the four items and unlocked all but two of the boards. I think within three games, I would have 100% completed.

    Now after a few weeks, I come back and my entire game stats are gone. I read a great deal of the comments but not all of them yet but this very thing seems to happen to most of us. However unlike most of you, I have spent a great deal of time playing this game and was rather far so starting over would be a huge letdown. Even knowing I haven't read a great deal of the return post besides the first ten or so, is there a way to get our stats back or tweak a save file so I can get them back that way.

    If I could get the unlocks again, that would be fine but I actually and discurraged to keep playing this game due to the current save game problem.

  • I also unlocked most of the items within the game. I had spent a great deal in it, too. (Not sure why you'd think anyone else hadn't?)

    The idea of starting over because of this ridiculous bug is horrible, and I simply will not do it. I haven't played the game since it happened, and I'm deeply saddened that TellTale care so little about us, their customers.

  • Exactly same problem here.

    It's the second time it happened to me, but i can't figure out if it's related to crash or not.
    Really strange.

  • Mmmm. I'm not sure but i think that "Statistic" is only related to prefs.prop file, 'cause i am able to reproduce the problem just deleting it.
    I could use an old or the just last save game changing only the "last tournement" i was in.
    Replacing with the "right" prefs.prop, completely unrelated for the, give me back the statistic. Could it be a problem with the launcher? 'Cause i noticed that build.prop file is saved not when you exit from the game but when you close the launcher after closing the game (via menu).


  • Devs, you've added new achievement. Fix the the god-damn-save-corruption bug already.

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