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Broken Sword Directors Cut: FREE DOWNLOAD AT APPLE APP STORE!!!

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Just browsing the App store and was about to buy the Directors Cut as I only have the DS version. I just noticed that the one and only version available for download is free. Is this a demo version? There's nothing saying that it is, it appears to be the full version. Downloading as I speak. Get over to the App Store NOW if you have an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.

BSDC is the revamped version of Broken Sword with full talkie track, updated soundtrack, remastered sound and visuals and added gameplay to extend the story.

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  • @Secret Fawful said: I played the game first on GBA, believe it or not. And I still loved it.

    I believe...

  • @Irishmile said: Yeah I had it for PC... the old version and the Director's ... I also have it for DS... and now I have it for my iPod

    Also obsessed too:

    - PC original version (hard copy)

    - PC original version via STEAM

    - DS version (remastered)

    - iPod Touch version (remastered)

    For those of you wondering, there are 4 Broken Sword games. I wholly recommend the sequel, the Smoking Mirror. They also made 3 & 4 but unfortunately, they revamped the look and feel of those games as they stray from the 2D hand drawn point and click feel by introducing a 3D based environment. They're still adventure games, they didn't convert to Tomb Raider, but it just doesn't suit the series in the way that the first two games do.

    However, there is a Broken Sword 5 in production and rumour has it they are returning to their roots, ala 2D point and click :)

  • I also have 4 copies of the Shadow of the Templars, though with two disc copies and not the steam version.

    They've also released a remastered version of the Smoking Mirror for the iDevices.

  • 4 does not work right on my PC... Sometimes I cry.

  • I grabbed it too, it's nice to go back to one of my fav adventure games.

    Not convinced with the new intro, while I understand why they've done it I prefer the original. Particularly as I see it as Stobards journey, not Nico's. Plus it jumped out of Nico investigating very quickly (there I was trying to find something to go in the hole in that secret office when I find I photo and suddenly I'm off to quickly write an article and I still hadn't found the thing needed for the hole) and takes a little of the mystery away.

  • You'll come back to the hole.

  • Part 1 is fantastic, the rest is soso to good. I quite don't understand why some people think that part 2 is great as well.

  • @Irishmile said: 4 does not work right on my PC... Sometimes I cry.

    If your PC's multi-core jsut get it to run on a single core. That's usually the main culprit with four

  • @Secret Fawful said: You'll come back to the hole.

    Aha, thank you. Still, not convinced that Nico would suddenly Take off from that hole so suddenly when she knows there is still something to find and possibly hadn't finished exploring properly.

  • I've only beat 1 and 2, I've started the 3rd, been a while since I went back to it. I own the 4th.

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