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French Translation: Oh my god!

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Hooray! I've got the French Retail!

Well I got it, but... I've never seen a translation and a voice-acting that were so baaaaaad! There are a lot of orthography faults, typing faults... In the subtitles. The voices are cut at the end of the sentences, the subtitles are sometimes cut too.... The way the sentences are said don't match with the context, the soda poppers got voices that don't match with their personnalities...

In episode 3, Bosco has got a SPANISH accent! Sam and max ask him WHY he is disguised into a SPANISH GUY!

I am very disappointed, I thought the translation and the dubbing were a lot better...

Telltale, don't thrust JOWOOD, they're killing Sam and Max in France!!! :mad:

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