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What Will Telltale Make Next?

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Now that they are skyrocketing in popularity and franchise quality, what are some things that Telltale can tackle now? Here are some ideas of mine:

Maniac Mansion 3

Telltale has hinted at this before and with their renewed relationship with Lucasarts, it seems like the perfect time to do this. Got to finish the trinity of classic Lucasarts series: Sam and Max, Maniac Mansion, and Monkey Island. If anything I would love to buy the first two games again if they did special editions of them ala the first two Monkey Island games to tie into the prospective Telltale sequel.

Star Trek

I grew up playing Interplay's Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Judgment Rites. With Trek's new popularity, the Telltale brand of humor and story would fit well with the series.

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

The Guide's obtuse humor would fit Telltale like a glove. Plus they've already have had experience with British properties after making Wallace & Gromit. They should really pitch it to the Douglas Adams estate ASAP.

Twin Peaks

Well after Puzzle Agent this is a given. Love to see it done in Telltale style.

Other Lucasarts games

How would Loom 2 look done as a Telltale episodic series? How about Zak McCraken? Ya I'd like to see that too.

Well anyone else know what Telltale could do now?

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