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Rate The Last Movie(s) You Watched

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Same as the Rate the Last Game You Finished topic but with movies. There should be more film talk around here. So, I'll start off with the movies I've seen in the past few days.

Law-Abiding Citizen - 5.5/11

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - 7/11

Sword of the Stranger - 9/11

Blade Runner: Final Cut - 11/11

Blade Runner is one of those films I want to love but also want to hate.

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  • @taumel said: @DoctorCello
    That's not quite right. I as well as many others went into TRON for several times because it was so awesome. Tron Legacy lacks on several levels compared to the original and wasn't able to gave us the same feeling nor have i seen youngsters beeing excited about the movie the way we once were. Maybe things work different in Mormonland.

    I was talking about critics specifically, not the moviegoing audience in general. HUGE difference there. And I've seen and talked to a LOT of people who absolutely loved the film, and not just in Mormonland. Maybe things work differently in, uh, Taumelland. :P

  • Seeing as this is my topic and I can do whatever the hell I want, and since this is technically rating movies that I saw last....year, I'll just go ahead and post this.

    Secret Fawful's Top Five Movies of 2010
    Oh, the ego of it all.

    Why top five? Because there's only five movies on the list, you dumbass.
    Also, I didn't see very many movies that came out last year.

    1. Shutter Island
    2. Batman: Under The Red Hood
    3. Defendor
    4. True Grit
    5. La Herencia Valdemar

    Just thought I'd throw that out there. And before you point out the 2009 date on it on IMDB, Defendor came out in the USA in 2010. And yes, my rating on True Grit was higher than my rating on Defendor and Valdemar before, but since I've seen True Grit I've mentally lowered my rating on it somewhat.

  • 'District 9' - 97% - few movies are this good, I thought it was brilliant. It was exciting, it was intriguing, it was interesting, compelling, intelligent, enjoyable, I actually cared about the characters. The storyline and the concept were great; it just did everything right. It wasn't just another generic, dumb Hollywood flick. It blows most sci-fi films I've seen out of the water. It's just good; it's a good movie that I have very few complaints about. I usually only rent films, but I might actually buy this one.

    'How to Train Your Dragon' - 95% - I've actually seen this one three times now, most recently last night. It's one of my favourite animated films ever, and perhaps the best Dreamworks production ever. It's another film where I actually cared about the characters involved, which gives all of the events so much more meaning, and makes the film that much more exciting. It had a great story, it looked brilliant, it was fun - what more could you really ask for? It had some corny moments, yes, but they're forgivable in a film like this.

    'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor' - 68% - Look, it's a Mummy film, you either admit that it's bad and just enjoy the ride, or you admit that it's bad and despise it. This film is no different to the last three films in that regard. I went in looking for a fun movie with dumb humour, absurd occurrences, unexplained plot-twists, far-fetched action, and an overall completely stupid and nonsensical series of events, and that's exactly what I got. Yes, the Mummy films are crap, but they're fun. I enjoyed this one :).

    'Defiance' - 65% - Let's just say that it could have been a lot better than it was. I found that everything moved far too quickly; nothing was given time to actually sink in, and none of the elements of the film were able to be developed properly (such as characters, character relationships, story, plot, etc.), which is strange, seeing as how the film surpasses the 2-hour mark. Don't get me wrong, this was a good film and there was a lot about it I liked, but it could have been so much more.

    Family Guy - 'It's A Trap!' - 71% - Not quite as enjoyable as the second film, and certainly not at the same level as the first film, but it was still fun and it still had it's laugh-out-loud moments, even if there were fewer of them this time around. A good enough finale to a pretty good parody series.

  • @DoctorCello
    Oh i wasn't aware that you were talking about professional movie critics and i can't compare them as they've never interested me, although i would be surprised if they wouldn't rate the inventions TRON introduced visually and its ideas much higher than what Tron Legacy delivered.

    Anyway i've also talked to my friends about the movie and as some of them are a little bit scattered around the globe they at least physically aren't citizens of the for sure mesmerizing taumelland ;O) and we mostly came to the same conclusions. TRON once was a exceptional movie whilst Tron Legacy mainly dissapoints with the lame story, a lack of creativity and slightly also the spirit TRON was about. I can't imagine that Tron Legacy will have the same impact on some people's lifes TRON once had.

  • Maybe that explains why I was able to enjoy Legacy. Tron is five years older than I am, and the first time I ever heard of it was in this Penny Arcade strip (the three previous references they made to it going over my head). As I didn't play the first Kingdom Hearts until six months later, I didn't have any experience with it until at least a good three years after that, when I got to play Kingdom Hearts II. At some point after that, my curiosity was piqued enough to find out what this movie was about (Tron being the only film that I had not seen with a world in Kingdom Hearts), and while I did enjoy the film, by the time I saw it, it was more of a novel than a technological wonder, Kingdom Hearts had already pulled off the concept with better visual appeal, and I had missed the opportunity to feel any nostalgia towards it.

    That's not to say that the flaws pointed out in Legacy aren't valid, they just don't bother me, and I honestly wouldn't have even taken notice of any of them if not for others complaining. The point is that without nostalgia goggles, the first film isn't exactly some pillar to which the sequel had to aspire in order to be acceptable, and I actually managed to prefer Legacy, if only because the original had already become so dated as to be laughable by the time I saw it.

  • I think it's hard to oversee that quite some of the scenes in Tron Legacy are very much inspired by what you're used to from bad TV series and movies these days, regarding the cut, the scenes, the acting, the dialogues. TRON in comparison is really a novel with more depth which also takes its time in certain moments to evolve and which also raised philosophical questions. Tron Legacy mainly is a flat, uninspired, visual popcorn trip with zero depth, exactly what you're used to from many video games today.

    Oh and on a more pacifistic note, i hate everyone who likes Tron Legacy! :O)

  • Okay, so Soylent Green.

    What. Was. That. Not bad at all mind you, but just wow.

    That ending resolved absolutely nothing, yet it was the only way it ended. The fact of how the ending credits looks makes me think even more

    I don't even know how to rate this/10

  • Raging Phoenix features some of the best martial arts choreography I've ever seen; AT THE END of the movie.

    I swear the whole movie features lackluster drama that undermines all of the amazingly unique fights that are so far and few in between.

    As soon as the final battle takes place, I'm literally on the edge of my seat. Jeeja Yanin is a Muy Thai genius. She's incredible.
    If you care to watch; it's only 7 minutes of awesome

  • Ok I actually watched tron the day it was out, but ill review it now.

    First off only 2 parts were in 3d, the credits and the previews(by the way that green lantern or whatever movie had good effects in the preview)
    Second it felt like they acomplished nothing.
    [spoilers]he was supposed to save his dad and the tron world, and it was destroyed with his dad in it. Good job.
    Then there is everything the penny arcade men already said.
    other than that good movie.

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