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  • @furrykef said: *shrug* It's not me who needs the explanation. I speak Japanese too. (Not very well -- pretty badly, in fact -- but quite well enough to know that pepsiboy's spouting gibberish. I mean, even more so than usual.)

    And in fact your translations suggest to me that you only glanced at pepsiboy's Japanese or you don't speak it either, 'cause, for instance, his first sentence doesn't say "heavy weapon" or "my shadow". I think the following better captures the, erm, flavor of the "Japanese":

    What pepsiboy says it means: the heavy: my cool weapon....is for...shadow
    What it means: Heavy: As for my cool weapon. Is. A shadow. (I replaced the ellipses with periods to highlight the ungrammaticalness; the way it's written, it's more like three "sentences".)

    What pepsiboy says it means: Max: the bobs toys is for chao and tails
    What it means: As for Bad, Strong: It's Bobs toy chao and tail.

    What pepsiboy says it means: Strong Bad: my sega tapes is on your ds to BEAT MY SCORE!!!
    What it means: Bad, Strong: As for my Sega tapes, BEAT. The having of my score's DS, is.

    ティコ:彼の冒険に** Kは尾です9000果実Fは、その後、私の毛皮はラキスタノキワミ{ピロから叩か}
    What pepsiboy says it means: tycho: the 9000 fruit F**K is for tails in his adventure then my fur- {flamed from pyro} AHHHH
    What it means: Tycho: To his adventure, **K is tail. As for 9000 fruit F, afterwards, as for my fur, Lucky Star no Kiwami (hit from Pyro?)

    (Additionally, it should be noted that "Taiko" would be a better rendering of the pronunciation of Tycho's name, whereas pepsiboy has "Tiko". However, the name of the original Tycho Brahe, after which PA's is named, is indeed "Tiko" in Japanese, so eh. Lucky Star no Kiwami is the name of an album of remixes of Lucky Star remixes. I'm not sure what "kiwami" means, so I've left the title untranslated.)

    I dont speak japanese at all, I just used google translate.

  • Poker Night at the Sega Inventory

    (all with the same voices and dialogue from Poker Night except Fang)

    I had this idea in the very beginning since the game was announced. *raises flame shield*

  • ...well at least he spelled Poker right this time.

  • @DrRocketGenius said: ...well at least he spelled Poker right this time.

    huh didn't notice that, well bravo pepsi.

  • [quote=drrocketgenius;435663]...well at least he spelled poker right this time.[/quote]

    d: Onoes guiz!!!1!!!111!3 hes lossin hz trollin-nesssss1!!!1!!!(!11

  • @allaboardfilms said: Well, you're obviously very handy with a translator, so.....

    What on God's green earth is a Fruit F***er? An "oringinal" invention of yours?

    Well, if our heads didn't "SPLODE" from hating this, they certainly will from your awful grammar and shoddy attempts at getting around copyright. Happy New Year to you too, pepsiboy. Happy New Year indeed.

    The fruit f**ker is an apromorphic juicer from penny arcade the extracts juice form fruit by f**king it (hence the name)

  • Question is there a point to this new thread, because either it can closed and or moved?

  • @Icedhope said: Question is there a point to this new thread, because either it can closed and or moved?

    no, there is no point, this is just a delusional dream of a poker night/sonic collision.

  • @Icedhope said: Question is there a point to this new thread, because either it can closed and or moved?

    I assume the point's amusement.

  • Just close it already and move it to parts of the forum where no one will ever see it again.

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