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D&D Campaign: All Interested Welcome!

posted by mgrant on - last edited - Viewed by 5.9K users

After mentioning I'm part of a Skype campaign on the "whatever's on your mind" thread, there seemed to be a fair bit of interest in playing/learning D&D here on the forums. Therefore, I'll be starting a Skype campaign for those interested here. No experience with any sort of tabletop gaming is required, and I'll supply what's needed to game here to the best of my ability.

It will most likely be a 3.5 edition campaign unless most interested in playing would prefer 4th edition. I have links to sites to help build character sheets for both editions.

After the initial sign up, since I'm not sure Dropbox is a good idea as my five man group on Skype has been having problems with space, this thread'll serve as our Dropbox of sorts, character sheets, notifications, etc. will be posted here.

I won't claim to be a fantastic DM, but I do try and make sure my group has fun, and I will be playing a character as well as DMing. Also, I try to be on Skype regularly, so feel free to contact me if you feel you need help or just have general questions. I'll try to be as helpful as I can.

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