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PC version supports the X360 controller... almost?

posted by StarEye on - last edited - Viewed by 113 users

Just recently bought BTTF season, and played through that using an X360 controller. Is it even stated anywhere that the PC version supports the X360 controller natively? Anyway, just for fun I tried using it in ToMI as well, and to my surprise it actually worked... halfways. You could control Guybrush with the left stick, open the inventory with X and exit it with B, left mouse button was mapped to A and Back and Start acted as Pause (Spacebar) and Main Menu (ESC). Strangely enough there was no way to highlight hotspots in the game, nor could I control the cursor.

What's odd is that only thing that's missing is controlling the cursor, and I fixed that pretty easily by mapping the mouse to the right analogue stick in Xpadder.

Can anyone from Telltale give me an explanation for this? Scrapped X360 controller support that was planned but did not make it for release? Leftover code from Xbox ports of other games?

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