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Why is Your Shipping so Expensive?

posted by infocommie on - last edited - Viewed by 187 users

I have bought LOTS of stuff from you guys. All the S&M games with DVD and all the extras. Shirts, hats, books, signed posters, etc.

But several times recently I have started to buy something and then stopped when I reached checkout because your minimum shipping charge seems to be $10!

I'm really not that interested in the Strong Bad game but saw your promo today and thought what the heck...for 10 bucks I'll grab the DVD but then you want another 10 bucks to ship it when a buck or two would get it pretty much anywhere in the USA using plain ol mail! I hate to say it but it sure looks like you're just kicking the price up.

Please give us a reasonable option for shipping that does not cost as much as the item we are purchasing!

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