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My thoughts on Guybrush's...

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...nervousness about his own death. Just a few weeks ago I wrote my thoughts on it in the Trivia section of the Guybrush Threepwood article on the Monkey Island Wiki as follows:

"Until Tales, Guybrush has always wondered what it's like to die, since not only has he expected a bit more pomp and circumstance, but he has been very nervous about death and believes that staying alive is important. In The Curse of Monkey Island, for example, Guybrush's nervousness about and fear of death is expressed when the Voodoo Lady tells him that Blood Island is 'the place... where [he] will die'; it is not until he explores Blood Island that he realizes that he needs to fake his own death (at least twice) in order to find a piece of the uncursed Goodsoup family diamond ring and move on in his quest to save Elaine, thus getting over his fear. However, his fear of death has apparently returned in Tales (especially when he says that he doesn't 'plan on dying today') and is not completely overcome until the end of 'The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood', when, though mortally wounded by LeChuck's Cutlass of Kaflu, he expresses calm as he speaks to his wife Elaine in his final moments, telling her to stop LeChuck for him."

Basically, I feel that this is my opinion on Guybrush's nervousness about what it's like to die. So what are your thoughts on his apparent fear of death?

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