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Everything Must Go!

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So I must have MVD surgery and well, telltale is now very low priority for me

Im looking to sell everything I have related to sam & max (quite a few neat items)
Some Im not sure what they are worth which is why im posting here.

I have pretty much everything sam and max ever sold by telltale
one thing I want an opinion on is the old
Fizzball print... mine is in decent condition but it would be hard to ship if sold and its the old paper
which brings me to lucasarts mags (every single one)
both pins
the pen
3d art relief (of the original game box cover)
stickers, old books and new, most have custom art in the fronts. some are personalized so I doubt anyone would pay much for those.

I also will be selling my L studio jacket from the S&M cartoon in canada.
Its in prestine condition, but wont fit tall or large people (im tall and its short in arms)

I wouldnt know how to price these things, I just know what I paid

any suggestions or shall I just ebay and see from there?
was thinking at least the devout would be here.. and im not amazon prices.

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  • I miss bobby's world, and life with louie. Also, is that peter parker in the background?

  • woah did you need to quote all of that! lol
    yea i miss all of the old fox cartoons
    and most from like Freakazoid era (kids wb)
    no clue who that is in the background though im sure I could figure it out.. the one with the camera near the de soto?

  • hmm sorry again away at the doctors/hospital
    pictures incoming by tomorrow.
    at least partially

    also not listed before but owned was the original dual western print offered at tantrum comes with a cool sheet saying how purcell was going to have a website called spudvision and a book!
    where is the book!!!
    darned blogs take all the fun outta a great book, hope he makes it one day..

  • Cardboard Stand out worth wah?
    DSCN1099.jpgDSCN1100.jpgPINS 1 and 2 never taken off the backs! (I have 2 of the max pins but the 2nd is used)
    DSCN1073_2.jpgDSCN1075.jpgTrading Card (pretty cool no clue what its worth!)
    DSCN1105.jpgSigned promo sheet bought from old lucasarts museum owner long ago(what a collection that guy had again no clue the value)

    Front and back below

    DSCN1103.jpgDSCN1104.jpg3d Relief GERMANY ONLY! Front and back and angled
    DSCN1116.jpgDSCN1117.jpgDSCN1118.jpgTTG shirts (have all of them but no clue what they are worth elp?
    DSCN1127.jpgSeason 1 case file(s) x2 (really 3 but one is on hold already)
    DSCN1124.jpgHard to find Hellboy Xmas and various other comics just ask again I have most purcells stuff
    I dont think I need to post like Hero or defenders of series
    DSCN1120.jpgSymbiote Statues x 2 .. 1 unopened
    Symbiote mini's FROM Symbiote studios
    DSCN1121.jpgSeason 1 SET (came all together with poster not shown here)
    DSCN1125.jpgThe tantrum western prints I talked about(sorry for the bad pics let me know if they should be better
    DSCN1129.jpgDSCN1132.jpgBOOKS All my TPB and hardcopy are 1st edition
    Hardback comes limited #13 and has custom watercolor and penciling!
    One has this in the front, I think it will effect the value badly :( let me know?
    Another has this in front
    DSCN1159.jpgWonderful word of comics interview/review
    Animation Mag

  • Sorry Im poor with html img sizing, seems I can do nothing in terms of sizing it or it looks funny :( also sorry if it seems like spam im not sure protocol on this sort of thing, if I shoulda just linked to the PB or not idk.

    here is the jacket it a bit more detail dont mind the white fluff
    Its size L but fits like XL as its bomber style.. just not XL arms lenght wise..


  • I want a season one case file! How much?

  • Again, I'm interested in "the age of S&M" if you have it.

  • I'm interested in the first and third Comic-Con t-shirts. But what are the sizes?

  • wow uhh forgot to add one of the watercolors from the tpb ( with no name to me just his)

    also the shirts are in order as follows

    XXL=freelance shirt (popsicle...sorry only size they had)
    XL= booga booga max

    XL and L of the TTG shirts

    WATER COLOR FROM THE missing page up top... its the other side of the wrinkled paper
    very awesome and colorful,
    no clue again what the value of ANY of this is worth, its sorta why im here..
    sure I can toss it on ebay and see where it goes for it all but at what end and start? ahh

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