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Telltale hints at new licensed series - to be revealed next month

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Via NeoGaf:

Telltale is holding a press event next month (FEB 17) to formally unveil Jurassic Park, but the invite also states this:

"In addition to the Jurassic Park game, Telltale will reveal 5 major new multi-platform projects, including one based on a just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing life as some know it."

Wow! Five new projects? That's awesome! Any thoughts on what the project they hinted at might be? The Walking Dead maybe? After getting the IP for Jurassic Park, I can sense that telltale is testing its waters with a more mature feel and directions, with the usual comedy genre still in play as well.

What do you guys think the other four projects might be?

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  • .....bizzare. Doesn't sound too interesting, though. I'm just wondering why everyone is so hung up on it.

  • @MusicallyInspired said: What is The Walking Dead?

    here is the first book on Image comics page.

    and the page for the show on AMC

    Motion Comic... I usually hate these but this one was done well.

    and just because its has an awesome song by the eels

  • By hung up, do you mean insistent that it will be the new telltale licence?

    Two things, telltale said they're doing a "comic book licence that just got a show made about it" (only one we can think of is that and Human Target) and there were rumors prior to this tease that a Walking Dead game was being made.

    Though, if by hung up you mean: why do people care about a zombie show? I couldn't answer that- I like the show, but its not one of my favirotes. (I'd still buy the game though, my wallet is a slave to Telltale's projects)

  • @MusicallyInspired said: What is The Walking Dead?

    The Walking Dead is an EXCELLENT running comic series published by Image Comics. It's essentially a zombie movie that doesn't end, which frankly really does work obscenely well for a variety of reasons, and it's able to do things that a zombie film by itself wouldn't be able to do. It has been running in monthly issues since 2003, so there's a lot of story material available there. It's a very strongly character-driven narrative, to the point that I'd heavily recommend it to people who may not be "zombie fans". It definitely has its dark moments, and they can get pretty bleak, but man do I love it. I strongly recommend the comic to anybody, and this recommendation comes from a person that strongly prefers short series and one-shots to ongoing series that don't have an end in sight, and a person that doesn't care for the geek "zombie meme". The Compendium contains the first couple years of issues and can be had rather cheaply if you shop around.

    It has a recently-launched AMC Original Series(and we all know that only the TV show matters when it comes to when a property was launched, mirite?) which is actually pretty brilliantly shot and the effects are phenomenal. All the same, I feel somewhat mixed about it. A lot about the production is top-notch, while the script wavers between excellent deviation, adaptation, and terrible deviation. I haven't seen all the episodes of the season honestly, and I should catch up, but I do think it does lose something in the translation. Still, definitely not a bad way to go, especially considering the current TV landscape and especially as a supplement to rather than a replacement for the comic.

  • Image is also re-releasing the books weekly.

  • I think the Compendium is the best price-for-money option, really. You can get one "volume" for about $10, whereas the Compendium has 8 of them for $25-40. Seriously, the first 48 monthly issues for that price is not bad at all. It's true though, that the first volume by itself costs less than the whole damn compendium.

  • I know the borders books in my town have the collection well stocked and displayed prominently.

    the series fits the cryptic hints so well I will be surprised if its NOT the game they are talking about.

    But I am trying really hard not to get pumped about it... because its still a ways off for the announcement and I do not want to be too disappointed if it ends up being Cathy that probably would have a show on lifetime or something, I mean who really knows what is going on, on that channel?

  • The show got significantly worse as it went along. It started off very promising, but then had some awful storylines with characters doing unrealistic things to keep their "humanity" and "hope" alive or whatever rather than simply surviving, which is what we really want to see and in reality is what they would be doing. There are some terrible "emotional" family moments and such, and then it tries to turn into Lost as well.

    Anyway I'm still on board for season 2 probably, but it went from a potential 5/5 to a 2/5.

  • 5 new seasons? wow, I much prefer quality over quantity. We'll just have to wait and see.

  • @Marty said: 5 new seasons? wow, I much prefer quality over quantity. We'll just have to wait and see.

    5 new projects, which it has been stated won't run concurrently, and which have not been announced as "seasons". The "projects" could include pilots or other non-episodic games.

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