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My Problem with Morgan LeFlay

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That's right, you probably haven't heard it before, so don't misread, I really just did imply that:

I don't like Morgan LeFlay.

Let me clarify something though: I LOVE the IDEA of Morgan LeFlay. I think a strong female pirate hunter is a great idea! But I also love Elaine but HATED Elaine in EMI. It's all about execution, you see.


Appearance Problem: She looks TOO conceptual. Concept sketches are fine, but she is borderline Anime and doesn't really fit in the canon based on her appearance.

Suggested Solution: Make her tough, make her hardened. Give her a scar and make her hair pulled back or in a bandana, no one could keep their hair like that on the open salty sea. She's a pirate hunter she has to get her hands dirty.

Sound Problem: With all due respect to her voice actress, I think the voice is TOTALLY off. It was acted fine, but I want an accent, or at least a scruffy scratch to her voice that suggests she's been around the block a few times and has been hardened. She sounds like a teacher from Fairly Odd Parents or any other Nickelodeon / kids show. I've always been of the school of thought that Guybrush should be the only American/Goofy sounded character.

Sound Suggestion: Give her an accent, you can make her sultry, that's fine, but make it period. Cockney accent would have worked PERFECTLY or cajun or caribbean would have worked too.

Conflict Problem: She is a pirate hunter but loves Guybrush. This conflict wasn't believable at ALL. She could switch to easily without hearing ANY conflict in her voice.

Conflict Solution: Make her less sane. When she must mentally address this conflict her sentences should trail off, her voice should change, and she should seem like she is having serious mental issues about this fundamental internal conflict.

HOPEFULLY, if they bring her back (I'm assuming they will based on the last scene), they will make her more hardened and much less cartoony.

Flame away, internet friends.

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