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Season 3 Soundtrack Waiting Thread

posted by SylvF on - last edited - Viewed by 17.3K users

Now that the last episode has been released, any chance the season 3 soundtrack will come out shortly? I love this song for this season's opener, and "Charlie Hotep" and all the various on those chants have been stuck in my head for weeks (This whole series has such great music. Bosco's theme hasn't left my ipod).

I also think it would be great if the soundtrack came out on itunes, because that would save me the agonizing wait time of several days for a shipped CD. But I'm not picky.

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  • @Jake said: Did I promise NutriSpecs?

    In case you need a reminder....
    @Jake said: The plan was to unlock them similarly to treasure hunting in Tales of MI, but it has been a bumpy road. PC users will get NutriSpecs at some point though. Not abandoned.
    @Jake said: Sorry NutriSpecs don't yet live for PC. They will.......

  • @Jake said: I'm doing what I can!

    *Hope increases - again*

  • @jeeno0142 said: *Hope increases - again*

    I admit reading Jake's message my hope decreased. Who knows what the problem is (hopefully just time) but to me it doesn't bode well. My fingers are crossed for at least a digital release (preferably FLAC or Apple Lossless) and that way TTG nor Jared have to worry about physically mastering a CD and getting pressed however many they have to (given normal limited scores I guess the minimum would be a pressing of 1000).

    Not surprised that it would be up to Lucasarts about ToMI, a shame but it's music isn't as important to me as S&M's is or BTTF's (and I guess Universal will have say on a release for that)

  • I see your point, but I much prefer looking on the bright side. Jake says he's trying, which means he hasn't given up hope, so IMO we shouldn't either! :D

  • I'm glad Jake is still trying, it gives me hope too.

    I'm curious as to why it wasn't a decision like "we're releasing the soundtrack when the DVD is released" like in season two. I don't care about not getting a case file, it the soundtrack that still gets played in the car long after the season is over.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    @ATMachine said: In case you need a reminder....


    Nooooo! Sorry. I was going on the information I had at the time.

  • Thanks for the answer Jake, even if it disappeared ;)

    Fingers crossed that things align.

  • @Jake said: Nooooo! Sorry. I was going on the information I had at the time.

    So that's a "never gonna happen," then? Glad we've cleared up exactly how much a Telltale promise is worth.

  • @Jake said: I believe LucasArts owns the rights to the music in Tales (or some aspect of it) so a soundtrack is up to them.

    Awww, that makes me a sad panda :( I'll just have to add it to the pile of things I'm waiting for LucasArts to do, such as add another batch of classic adventure games on Steam. It's almost like they are working on Valve Time.

  • @ATMachine said: Glad we've cleared up exactly how much a Telltale promise is worth.

    Aw c'mon, don't be like that. Also, I don't read the words "I promise" in any of Jake's postings, so maybe you're just expecting too much? After all Telltale got rather busy after S&M3, something Jake couldn't really foresee at that point (and also: Something we should be really happy about!)

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