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Tales of Monkey Island Trophy Guides

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Hello. Since tsuave of the website posted the trophy guides for Tales of Monkey Island (all five chapters), I just thought that I would post the trophy guides for the same game so as to save them from disappearing or being completely buried in a barrage of other trophy guides. Here's a guide for ToMI Chapter 1, and I hope this thread can be stickied. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Chapter 1


Leave Well Enough Alone: Experienced a brief, yet horrifying transformation.
In the jungle, whilst you wander aimlessly, you'll come across a wishing well. Go up to it and press [Cross]. You'll transform into the mightiest pirate in all the land! ...and the trophy will unlock.

The Sounds of Science: Heard De Singe treating four different patients.
1. When you first arrive on Flotsam, go to De Singe's house near the Screaming Narwhal and knock on the door.
2. After a bar fight at Club 41, knock on the door at De Singe's house again.
3. After knocking Winslow off the Narwhal, knock on the door on De Singe's house again.
4. Finally, after helping D'Oro out, return to Flotsam and knock on the door on De Singe's house once more.

Why Is My Older Brother Laughing?: Encountered a shipload of references to the previous Monkey Island games.
This can be very, extremely tricky, so make sure you examine everything at the very beginning of the game, up until you meet the Voodoo Lady. Here are some tips from another PS3 Trophy Guide site that "shall remain unnamed *cough* .org *cough*, paraphrased as so not to incriminate the innocent"-

1. Examine the Hatch, Quarters Door, and Wheel on Guybrush's ship.
2. Complete all conversation with LeChuck, in particular his history as a ghost and the monkey's secret.
3. Examine the Jail on Flotsam Island.
4. Examine all items and conversation options with the Voodoo Lady.

Is That a Pox on Your Face, or Are You Just Angry to See Me?: Experienced the effects of the pox on the charming inhabitants of Flotsam.
Once you return to Flotsam from the Voodoo Lady's shack the first time you meet her, go see Crimpdigit and ask him how his business is. Then go back to the Screaming Narwhal and fire the cannon. It'll destroy his precious unicorns. Now go knock on his door and he'll flip out a bit. Now, go one screen right and talk to Hemlock McGee. Through the course of the conversation, he flips out too. Go back to Crimpdigit and ask how business is. He'll flip again. Go back to Hemlock and keep asking different options until he flips a second time. Then go back to Crimpdigit. This time, show him the Unbreakable Bottle and he'll bring out the Unbreakable Bottle Breaker. Return to the Screaming Narwhal and fire the cannon again. Return to Crimpdigit's house and take the Unbreakable Bottle Breaker, then return to Hemlock and talk to him until he flips out for his third (and final) time. Go back to Crimpdigit again, ask him how business is again, and he'll lament about the loss of his Unbreakable Bottle Breaker then flip for his third, and final, time.

Bats Right, Throws Lame: Repeatedly threw things...kinda.
Return to Flotsam after getting the Young Miss Mini-Bombs from the Jungle. Repeatedly throw mini-bombs at Winslow, both lit and unlit, prior to knocking him off the ship. Later on, after a scene when De Singe closes the door of the Ancient Portal in the jungle (assuming that you have a Pyrite Parrot), and after you used the Unbreakable Bottle Breaker on the crystal nose of the door face, toss the Pyrite Parrot at the topside of the Ancient Portal.


LeChuck Slayer: Defeated LeChuck (again).
Use the Cutlass of Kaflu on LeChuck after finishing the recipe and dipping it in root grog.

Use the Source: Met Deep Gut.
After accomplishing all three tasks for Nipperkin, head for the Voodoo Lady's shack and tell her the password: "Deadline".

This Ain't a Library: Intensely browsed a prominent bookshelf.
Also done while accomplishing things for the "Why Is My Older Brother Laughing?" bronze trophy. Look at the Voodoo Lady's bookshelf and she will warn Guybrush. Despite the warning, look at the bookshelf up to five times, and Guybrush will lose his voice over the coughing and wheezing. Keep looking up the titles in the bookshelf until a book title repeats twice, indicating that you've read the whole rack of books.

The Legend of LeFlay: Quizzed everyone about Morgan LeFlay.
The first time you land on Flotsam, take the flier of Morgan LeFlay that you see here, and show it to the proper people in order: Reginald Van Winslow, Gaffer Crimpdigit, Davey Nipperkin, Joaquin D'Oro, the Voodoo Lady, and finally Hemlock McGee.

The Winds of Freedom Blow: Escaped from Flotsam Island.
Once you've finished rearranging the final wind idol, which happens to be a messed-up idol, and escaped with Winslow on the Narwhal, the trophy unlocks.


Many Unhappy Returns: Found Elaine.
Once you've managed to entrap your hand in the tar and ordered Winslow to set sail for the Rock of Gelato, the final trophy unlocks at the very end of the chapter.

I'll do more guides for the remaining chapters later when I get a chance. ;)

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  • Hello. I'm back again. Here's the next trophy guide.

    Chapter 2


    She's Cute When She's Angry: Got Morgan angry by repeatedly checking out the mast.
    This is easy! When you first battle Morgan, select the mainmast of the Screaming Narwhal and click on it at least four-five times until she gets angry, stops complaining, and grumbles incoherently.

    Meals Fit for a King... Queen... Whatever: Gave the MerLeader every kind of bait.
    There are three bait coupons found throughout the game as follows:

    Glowy Bait, referred to as the "Gusanos de destino": Found in the 101 Fish Jokes book after you ask Tetra for it (see also "Silver: Model of E-FISH-Ency").
    Fish Eggs: Found on the Fishing Well in Spoon Isle (see also "Bronze: Fishing for Literalists").
    Oyster: Found on the cliff near where the clamshell and LeChuck are.

    Show all these coupons to Anemone at the Bait and Repair Shop in Spinner Cay and you'll get all three kinds of bait to show to the MerLeader (make sure you show the oyster to him/her BEFORE examining it for a pearl!).

    Fishing for Literalists: Caught a Red Herring.
    Also easy! After getting the Fish Eggs, as described in the aforementioned bronze trophy, return to the Fishing Well on Spoon Isle and combine the hook with the fish eggs to nab a (literal!) red herring.

    Talk to the Hook: Threatened a number of adversaries with a Hook.
    At the very beginning, as soon as you use the hook on the cable in the Narwhal, use said hook on Morgan after Guybrush uses it to replace his lost hand. Later on, after leaving a besieged Spinner Cay, sail to the blockade BEFORE moving on to Spoon Isle, and use the hook to threaten Killick Hardtack. After moving to Spoon Isle and confronting LeChuck and the pox-ridden pirates, use the hook on the latter guys. Finally, after clearing the blockade, confront Captain McGillicutty and use the hook on him.

    Nice Try: Heard the Secret of Donkey Island.
    After rescuing Chieftain Beluga and returning to Spinner Cay, as soon as the conversation topics come up, ask him/her what the Secret of Monkey Island is BEFORE selecting "I need to find La Esponja Grande."


    Give Her a Hand: Kicked LeFlay off the Screaming Narwhal.
    Easy! Once you've managed to get Morgan off the Narwhal, the first silver trophy of this chapter is yours.

    Model of E-FISH-Ency: Read every fish joke.
    After asking Tetra for the 101 Fish Jokes book and getting a coupon for the Glowy Bait (as described in "Bronze: Meals Fit for a King... Queen... Whatever"), examine said book at least 14 times for this trophy.

    Ride 'Em, Pirate: Made LeChuck do something embarrassing on the cliff.
    The first time you find LeChuck on the cliff in Spoon Isle, speak with him and ask him, "So, how much longer do you think?", then, "What are you carrying with you?", and finally, "Use..." "...claw thingie..." "...yourself."

    Artifacts of Life: Got all the Summoning Artifacts.
    Easy, again! Once you've found all the Summoning Artifacts and returned to Spinner Cay, the trophy will unlock.

    Mighty Merperson Rescuer: Saved the MerLeader from McGillicutty.
    Once you've got the rubber tree from Brillig Island and asked Anemone to make a mast out of it for the Screaming Narwhal on Spinner Cay's Bait and Repair Shop, return to McGillicutty's ship and insult him for the final silver trophy.


    The BIG Finish: Sailed to the alleged resting place of La Esponja Grande.
    Use the Summoning Ball Artifact and select an answer when Winslow asks you if you're ready. At the last cutscene of this chapter, select all answers when confronted by Morgan to nab the second gold trophy and end the chapter.

    I'll do another guide for Chapter 3 later. :)

  • Nice thread, I remember before the PSn release where a few of us came up with some mock trophies, some of them actually ended up in the game! I created "Meet Murray" from Episode 3 :D

  • Thanks. Anyway, here's the next trophy guide, and one you'll really like!

    Chapter 3


    Meet Murray: Introduced Murray to everyone.
    After unlocking the treasure chest with the hook and got Murray out of the chest, show him to the following people (BEFORE replacing Santino's head):

    Morgan LeFlay
    Coronado De Cava (located atop the mouth of the manatee)

    This is kind of like Chapter 1's "The Legend of LeFlay" trophy, only this trophy is bronze instead of silver.

    The 0.01 Percent Solution: Got one [and] one ten thousandth of the way through the alternate solution to the Cochlea puzzle.
    During the intro, while you're on your way to resuscitate Morgan (probably after picking up the stinky earwax), pick up a grub. Later, after Guybrush and Morgan are introduced to the Brotherhood, climb back up the esophagus and show the grub to De Cava. After some conversation, head back down and pick up nine more grubs (only one at a time) and show them to De Cava and you'll nab the trophy.

    Frequent Tuber: Used all the Bile Tubes in all directions.
    This should be useful while you're trying to get the Brotherhood to join you by a unanimous vote. Go back and forth through the strange growth and then the weird bump. Once you've got the mug from De Cava and filled it up with bile, use the bile on the odd (clogged) protuberance to unclog it up, then jump into the odd protuberance to the place where the iron monkey is. After opening it up and taking the torture manual, go back through the protuberance and the trophy is yours.

    I'm So Faced: Tried every possible Face-Off feature.
    Also done while trying to get the Brotherhood to join you by a unanimous vote. Speak with Bugeye and ask him, "Will you vote me into the Brotherhood?" After some events, you'll get the "Stinky", "Lazy-eyed" and "Meanie" expressions from him. Use them and lose the Face-Off, then speak with Morgan, Moose, and Noogie and use the "ARRR!" on each of them to get the "Nasty", "Gomer" and "Tweaking" expressions. After getting the mug of bile, use it on the portrait of Fisheyes Alabaster to get the "Fish-eyed" eye expression, then look at the figurehead of the Howler Monkey near the portrait to get the "Monkey" mouth expression. Return to De Cava and pick up the monocular while he's busy looking at something. Place the Fish Eye of the Manatee on the monocular to form the Fish Eye Monocular, then give it back to De Cava, followed by the mug of bile, to get the "Bugged Out" eyebrow expression. Return to Bugeye and ask him for the Face-Off challenge again. After winning the first round, you'll get the "Hooded", "Cross-eyed" and "Geezer" expressions from him. Of course, if you don't want to repeat by using every expression in that game and just go for unoriginality, then you still get a chance to use every expression later in the Screaming Narwhal when you're trying to intimidate Noogie (prior to using the "Stinky", "Cross-eyed" and "Geezer" on him) and still get the trophy either way.

    Bongo Baby, Yeah: Played the bongos repeatedly.
    Also easy, especially when you're trying to get the Tongue of the Manatee. Use the seahorse head on the giant manatee to get swallowed up again. Look at the bongo bile sacs prior to using the flopping fish on them. After a nice cutscene, play the bongo bile sacs again and you'll get the final bronze trophy.


    The Newlyfed Game: Convinced De Cava that Guybrush is married to Morgan.
    During the intro, when Guybrush and Morgan are caught by De Cava, answer three of De Cava's following six questions in a row correctly and you'll nab the trophy.

    There Is a Brotherhood of Jerks: Accepted into the Brotherhood.
    Easy. Once you've managed to get Moose, Santino (which is Murray in disguise), Noogie and Bugeye to join you by a unanimous vote, the trophy will be yours.

    Lord of the Locket: Tried every locket combination.
    Useful when you're trying to learn the manatee language. First, press the button on the Voodoo Lady's locket, then use the golden wrench on the button to turn it around and press it again. After that, use the golden wrench again, and this time place Guybrush's picture on the picture of De Cava before pressing the button again (for a good laugh! :D ). Finally, use the golden wrench to turn the button around once more, then press it one more time to possess the Voodoo Lady and win the trophy.

    What a Card: Tried every Tarot Card combination.
    Also useful when you're trying to learn the manatee language. After possessing the Voodoo Lady, look at the voodoo mat and you'll see three cards: Curse, Fracture, and Journey. Use the nine combos of cards on the mat (ringing the bell on each one) prior to having De Singe walk up to you and bring you the book of the manatee language, and the trophy is yours on the final combo.

    La Esponja... Grande?: Acquired La Esponja Grande.
    Once Guybrush manages to bring the two manatees close to each other by having the female leave her cave, enter the cave and the final silver trophy unlocks during the cutscene.


    Feed the Beast: Defeated De Cava and the Brotherhood.
    Easy. During the ship battle, click on the rubber tree mast to distract De Cava and his crew into getting another cannon, and while they are distracted, use the seahorse head on the Narwhal's cannon to end the chapter, especially when you watch and hear Murray talk on and on during the end credits, followed by a final cutscene of Winslow. After that cutscene, the third gold trophy finally unlocks.

    I'll do another guide for Chapter 4 later. :D

  • I'm back again. Here's the next trophy guide.

    Chapter 4


    Idiot for a Client: Explored the possibilities of Guybrush calling himself to the stand.
    This also works when you're trying to make a Pox of LeChuck glass eye for Joaquin D'Oro. When you're in the Flotsam Island Courthouse, call yourself (Guybrush Threepwood) to the stand and say, "Captain Threepwood, tell me about LeChuck," to get Judge Grindstump Pox-enraged. Before you use a glass eye on him, though, do anything else so that he will calm down. Repeat two more times, one each with the option of "Where were you on the night of August 15?", and then "What's your impression of the plaintiff's case?", and the trophy will be yours.

    What's in a Name?: Found out the horrifying truth about Bosun Krebbs.
    Once you've at least cleared Bosun Kathryn Krebbs' charge, call for a recess, ask Hardtack if you want to see your lawyer, and return to Club 41 to find Krebbs sitting on the table poking her hand with a knife like an emo or something. Talk to her and say, "You're not upset about the trial, are you?" and then "About your quest for vengeance..." to unlock this trophy.

    Musical Memories: Enticed Guybrush to indulge his musical impulses.
    Once you're outside of the courthouse during your trial, go to the Marquis De Singe's house and use the hook to unlock Jacques' monkey cage. Examine Jacques first before you continue on with clearing Hemlock McGee's charge. Later on, after clearing all civil charges, you'll get back to Club 41 after a scene with Elaine. During the Ladies' Night Swordfight, use the bathroom to unlock both the Tri-Island Tuna Colada recipe and this bronze trophy.

    What Do You Do With a Drunken Guybrush?: Drank everything available in Club 41.
    This one is very easy. When you first arrive at Club 41, speak with Morgan and ask her what she's drinking, then talk to W.P. Grindstump (yes, the same judge you met at the courthouse) and say, "Barkeep, I'd like to order a drink!" Order a grogatini and a grog, then examine the Blood Island Volcano Shots sign to drink five out of six Volcano Shot glasses. Later on, after clearing all civil charges, you'll get back to Club 41 after a scene with Elaine. Use the aforementioned bathroom (as described in the "Musical Memories" trophy above), then take the Tri-Island Tuna Colada recipe, as well as the Scabb Island Sling recipe at the counter and the Phatt Island Phuzzy Nostril recipe near Krebbs. Speak with her and choose the option that makes her slap Guybrush on the face. Show Grindstump the Phatt Island Phuzzy Nostril recipe to make Elaine and Morgan return to the counter. Speak to Krebbs two more times, once to show Grindstump the Scabb Island Sling recipe, and once more for the Tri-Island Tuna Colada (this should give Guybrush long enough to post the voodoo summons onto the dartboard). Once you've accomplished the last task for the Tuna Colada recipe, this trophy is yours.

    Push ze Buttons of SCIENCE!: Tried all four of the buttons in De Singe's Lab.
    After clearing the last charge (see "Silver: Use the Source [2]"), move left and you'll see De Singe exit the lab in distress. Enter the lab and, after a tearjerker cutscene with Morgan, use De Singe's Auto-Trepanation Helmet and press the far-left button to numb up your tongue. Repeat the process with the helmet and press three more buttons to unlock this final bronze trophy.


    Ayyyye, the Jury: Got civil charges against Guybrush dropped.
    This one is easy. Clear all the charges of Killick Hardtack, Bosun Krebbs, Joaquin D'Oro and Hemlock McGee, and this first silver trophy of the chapter will be yours.

    Use the Source (2): Got criminal charges dropped... with a little help.
    Also easy. Once you've managed to get Elaine back to the courthouse, finish the conversation with her, then grab La Esponja Grande and you'll get this trophy after a long cutscene.

    Schlock Shopper Supreme: Fully perused Stan's wares.
    This is really easy if you know what to do when trying to clear all civil charges. The first time you meet Stan outside the courthouse during the trial, speak to him and ask him what he's selling. Ask him about the Guybrush doll, the magnetic beard toy, and the t-shirt. After clearing all charges (see "Use the Source [2]"), talk to Stan again and say, "I see you've got some new souvenirs." Ask him about the pin, the LeChuck doll and the Voodoo Lady figurine and this trophy will be yours.

    Guybrush Goes Classy: Experienced Guybrush's brush with the Bard.
    Also easy when accomplishing the Feast for the Senses quest. After entering De Singe's lab (as described in "Bronze: Push ze Buttons of SCIENCE!"), use the hook on the backroom door to unlock it and take the sack of severed legs. Head for the Flotsam Island jungle and use the sack on the altar prior to dipping one of the legs in the sugar water well, and this trophy will be yours.

    Feast for the Senses: Almost completed the Feast of the Senses.
    Easy. Once you've given La Esponja Grande the first five senses, the silver trophy will be yours, and you'll automatically be on your way to the very last trophy of all in this chapter...


    Adieu, Adieu...: Defeated De Singe.
    This is DEFINITELY easy. After you've managed to defeat De Singe at the Vaycaylian Wind Control Device, toss La Esponja Grande into it for the final sense, and the fourth gold trophy will be yours at the end of the chapter. P.S.: Hope you've brought your Kleenex, because this trophy may be your consolation prize. *Sniff...* :(

    And that is all for Chapter 4. Coming up: the trophy guide for Chapter 5!

  • This is it. This is the last trophy guide for Tales of Monkey Island.

    Chapter 5


    Grave Ribber: Read every gravestone.
    Once you start Chapter 5 and break free of your own grave, return to the graveyard and read all nine gravestones, including Santino's cenotaph and your own gravestone, for the first bronze trophy of Chapter 5.

    Grog, Grog, Grog!: Used a dollar bill to try to buy every drink in the Grog Machine.
    This is completable, with or without a whole eight in your pocket, even BEFORE you use said whole eight to get two golden pieces of eight. Either way, press every grog-labeled button prior to pressing the one for the bottle of "liquid courage" and this bronze trophy will be yours.

    Say What?: Discovered Morgan's dying words.
    Once you've encouraged Morgan in the Insult Swordfight with the Swordfighter, talk to her again and ask her, "Are you sure it wasn't De Singe who killed you?"

    Dance, Monkey, Dance!: Did the dance of the hybrid fruit.
    This trophy will be very familiar, especially to all you fans of Sam and Max. After Guybrush has opened up the rips in the Crossroads (see "Silver: All Roads Lead to LeChuck") and gets zapped back to the Crossroads Center, return to the Swordfight path for a conversation with the Voodoo Lady, then go up the stairs into the rip. You'll end up attending your own wake in Club 41. Examine the barrel of Banang eight times, and on the eighth time Guybrush and Jacques will enjoy a jig and the trophy will unlock.

    The Violet Beauregard[e] Memorial Trophy: Tried every piece of gum.
    Once you've managed to get Bugeye in jail and ended up in the jail cell on the right yourself as a zombie, take the well-used gum from its stalactite and take the wads of chewed gum for a brief cutscene. Do this eight more times BEFORE you pour the root beer on the gum wads for this last bronze trophy of all.


    Morgan's Secret: Found out what Morgan treasures above all else.
    Same tip as in "Bronze: Say What?", but this time ask Morgan, "When you crossed over, did you have a 'shred of life' too?" and then "What was important to you when you were alive?" for the first silver trophy.

    All Roads Lead to LeChuck: Opened the Crossroads.
    Very easy. After you've got the three items required for the Crossroads Exit spell and placed them in the Crossroads Center, return to the Swordfight path and talk to Morgan again. Tell her, "I found a spell!", then, "A 'Sacrifice,'" then exit the Crossroads spell topics and say, "I still need some kind of sacrifice." After a cutscene at the Crossroads Center, this trophy will unlock.

    I Ain't Got No Body: Bound Guybrush's spirit to his body.
    Also very easy. Once you've got Bugeye in jail and managed to fill the mug with root beer before returning to jail in your own body (as described in "Bronze: The Violet Beauregarde Memorial Trophy"), pour the root beer on the wads of chewed gum for the Spirit Gum and for this silver trophy (and the last bronze trophy if you've followed the steps right).

    Does This Corpse Make Me Look Fat?: Completed the Diet of the Senses.
    Again, very easy. Once you've found all six items required for the Diet of the Senses spell and used them on La Esponja Grande, this trophy will unlock at the very start of the triggering cutscene.

    A Credit to Pirates Everywhere: Witnessed Morgan's final fate.
    Once again, very easy. After you've managed to defeat LeChuck, use Elaine's ring at the Crossroads Center for a reunion at the Screaming Narwhal, then select any topic and then wait for the end credits to finish up for a final cutscene with Morgan and the Voodoo Lady. After this cutscene, you'll unlock the very last silver trophy, and the very last gold trophy of all...


    Fall of the Pirate God: Defeated LeChuck.
    Very easy. See notes on "Silver: A Credit to Pirates Everywhere."

    And that is all for the trophy guides for Tales of Monkey Island! I hope this has been a great help. Now if this can get stickied for those who play the PS3 version, I'll be happily obliged. :D

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