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Thoughts on Guybrush's and Elaine's relationship?

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From what the games let on directly and imply, how do you think you sum up their relationship?

Why do you think they're right for each other? I'm 23 years old, single, have no friends. I don't really have close relationships with any one, but I do have some feelings. I just don't understand what makes a relationship, fully...

But this being monkey Island I was curious if any one had any answers.

I stopped to look at the game for the first time (Tales), started at this point of the relationship, and as I play through it this time, even though it's just a game, I am observing their behavior.

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  • Whatever, I can tell just from this post that MI2 is your favorite game. I can also tell it's not worth arguing because you've wrote more than you realize in that post...

    It's pointless to go's a bore. Both of us would be stupid and closed minded to go on about how things have to always be the same when 10 million people enjoy the change and another 10 million don't...

    Conversations like these only reveal who the other person you're talking to is...things are the way they are and obviously there's a reason behind this one.

    Personally, My least favorites are the first two. But who cares about opinions, when forums are just for conversations/ arguments with no real validation beyond your own personal standards? Lucas Arts/ TTGs doesn't really care, they made a game, they had writers, it is what it is, it was planned, it's cannon...

    This is pointless...why should I argue your perception? Why should I argue your perspective? The fact is all the games have Elaine. I personally thought she was a important, interesting character, and she's been here since the first game...and in my opinion is a important part of the Guybrush character and she's in all 5 games...


  • @StarEye said: You seem upset.

    I got to go take a big doodo in a few minutes.

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    i never liked Elaine because she always came off as kind of a bitchy person, and i never liked how she treats guybrush. she claims she love him and trusts him but, she never listens to him heck she barely act he there half the time, she's always calling him an idiot, and she treats him more like an errand boy then a husband.

    to be honest i often wonder if she even really even loves him. i mean other then in CMI were she said "he's the only man i ever loved" and, i TOMI when she had the pox wanted to ravish him and at the ending she rarely show any emotion toward him at all. in EMI she wouldn't even correct people when they called her Governor Marley and not threepwood.

    and she has so little respect for him. i mean he risks his life to save her time and again but she gives him not so much as a thank you. she like "i can save my self" or "do some thing". well if she's all that then way dose she always get kidnapped or getting guybrush to do things for her.

    then Morgan came and i was like finally some who give him respect and then i see how jealous Elaine got when she smelt her on guybrush and the epic bar cat fight they had. i was like awesome finally some one to give Elaine a run for her money. heck I'm hoping in season 2 (if they make it.) that we see more of it cause since guybrush died death did them part so he up for gabs and i hope Elaine's ready for a fight

  • @dra said: i never liked Elaine because she always came off as kind of a bitchy person, and i never liked how she treats guybrush.

    She was an absolute sweetheart in the first game..

  • She was just acting to get into his pants. A lot of things can be said about Guybrush, but he's most definately more attractive than the average pirate in the Monkey Island universe.

  • @Irishmile said: She was an absolute sweetheart in the first game..

    This post is so flowery and sugary.

  • Its true ... GT breaks into her house and she is all "that's OK you can take my stuff"

  • @Irishmile said: Its true ... GT breaks into her house and she is all "that's OK you can take my stuff"

    I think that was just her way of saying. I was going to have a garage sale anyways...

    But seriously, I think it was because it showed she accepted him for who he was.

  • The reason their marriage was a bad idea, in my opinion, is that it doesn't really work with Guybrush' character to be married. He's a very, very boyish and childlike figure. Having him married feels wrong, and takes away from his character. Now, I'm all for character development, but marriage can't really be construed as character development, it's just a restriction.

    This in addition to what others have said; where's the adventure when you know you need to go home to your wife eventually? Marriage is mundane, restrictive and has brought no laughs to the franchise.

    It's currently ranking #1 on the Monkey Island Fail Scale, closely followed by the Monkey Robot.

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