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Eat, Sleep and Rot: A Path to Illumination

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In Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, Guybrush keeps looking at the book titles in the bookshelf and loses his voice over the coughing and wheezing despite the Voodoo Lady's warning. One of the book titles that I'm drawing a blank on is "Eat, Sleep and Rot: A Path to Illumination". I mean, I don't have a clue on what it's a spoof of, but it may be a spoof on the title of Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir Eat, Pray, Love. Of course I could be mistaken. For those of you who are reading-book fans, do you know what "Eat, Sleep and Rot: A Path to Illumination" is supposed to be a spoof of? :confused:

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