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Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse: The City That Dares Not Sleep... Is here!

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This is the release thread. The old pre-release thread is here.


Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
The City That Dares Not Sleep

It's out!!

Download for PC
Download for Mac

When's it out?
It's out now!

Watch the City That Dares Not Sleep trailer at GameSpot, or in the Telltale Blog!

Where can I see art from the game?
The season-wide trailer and stuff is on the official site. You can see screenshots and a trailer for episode 5 there too.

I demand wallpapers!
Sure, here's a wallpaper for you!

I demand reviews!
Tabstis has helpfully started a thread consolidating all reviews! You can see a select few in the blog.

Commence marketing: "An enormous, scaly, floppy-eared creature has put the city on high alert, and Sam assembles a crack team to stop him. To end the mayhem, they must venture … inside … the beast!

Featuring an all star cast of heroes and villains – you’ll be riveted to your seat with each thrilling twist, as you discover the crazed force that’s been orchestrating the madness. And you won’t want to miss the game’s truly shocking conclusion!"


So whoaaa we're all playing the finale now, yeah? What do you guys think?

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  • I didn't really have any problems with Season 3. You know why? Because I didn't give it any thought and I don't plan to.

  • The episode was ok. (much better than Moah better blues!)
    It ended brilliantly though.

    The ending was superb - really good stuff.
    Can't say i've been so impressed by a games ending for a long time.

  • I'm Really late ,just finished is ..

    good episode with incredible ending , when the credits is on I just start screaming all over the house ! , I really can't beleve max die ! if he dies sam & max will be finished that was all what I think about, unfortunately max was totally dead in this episode , even with the spores , The narrator the bad guy was totally expected , but I have to say the narrator is not really evil at end he destory max tumor , playing the clones nice touch ..

    My Rating to the season episodes :

    1 - The City That Dares Not Sleep 9.0

    2-The Tomb of Sammun-Mak : 8.5

    3 - The Penal Zone : 7.9

    4 - Beyond the Alley of the Dolls : 7.0

    5 - They Stole Max's Brain : 6.8

    The Devil's Playhouse Rating : 9.0

    TTG you know when you can blow our minds !

    Sam & max to death ..

  • I'm sure there's a thread about this but does anyone know when the posters/DVD are being shipped? It's been a while.

  • Yeah, I was wondering, too. So...if anyone knows...go ahead and tell us...please...

  • A bit late to the party, didn't start playing the game till last friday despite buying the game the moment it came out (got distracted by something, then broke my ankle in a foreign country, then had other things to do, etc) and finished it literally last night and I have to say I loved it, best S&M series yet in my opinion, which looks like it isn't shared by everyone sadly.

    Two thumbs up from me, though I was a bit confused by where Past Max came from until I remembered the end to the last series. I particularly enjoyed They Stole Max's Brain and The Alley of the Dolls, the Penal Zone I found to be the weakest (the start especially, since I found it hard to get into it initially).

  • I'm also late to the party despite how much I love the S&M series (harsh financial issues meant harsh financial decisions :/ ), but I finished the last episode of Season Three last night, and just wanted to thank Telltale for surpassing themselves with this season.

    The entire game just felt so danged polished compared to the previous two seasons. The humour was great, I enjoyed the puzzles and playing the game from different perspectives was fun. It was also nice how each episode felt different - which was one of the (few) criticisms I had from the first two seasons (with the same locations each episode etc). It really got mixed up, and it felt fresh when I started each ep.

    So, yeah. Thank you Telltale - and I look forward to Season Four!

  • @Player_2 said: Yeah, I was wondering, too. So...if anyone knows...go ahead and tell us...please...

    The posters have been shipping for a few weeks now but the DVDs are still being worked on. If you have the DVD in the same order, that's why your posters haven't been shipped yet. I'll let you guys know when the DVDs will start shipping, but apologies for the delay.

  • Curse my desire for one low shipping cost! D=

  • In other words the episode is really nice and to be loved.

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