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what do you like about sam & max?

posted by Vyse220 on - last edited - Viewed by 339 users

I mean, besides the cool jokes and their creative design.

Their style is unique, I really like the "retro" factor with sam & max, when I read the comics or play the game I like the feeling of the '80 / '90.

Another thing I like is that in my opinion they represent what friendship really is, enjoy every moment of your life with your friends and don't really care about the future, during the credits of the city that dare to not sleep I realized that Sam & Max are very similar to me and a friend I had, the expression on the face of Sam was the same I have from the day of my friend death, I suddently started to cry and I've never thought that sam & max where able to make me live again that scenario. Somehow, they are the only thing that make me think about my past with my friend without feel bad, I really have to thank them.

and what's your story about sam & max? what do you like of them?
(I'm sorry about my english, but I'm italian)

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