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Did anyone remeber they Tv Show?
It only aired a few of episodes, but it where so incredible and awsome. And the picture desing, incomparable.
What you thing? You guys can remember that animated cartoon?:D

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    He's saying that parents were responsible for getting the program cancelled - imagine if you saw your children watching Sam and Max.

  • *imagines it*

    Kid: Daddy, What's a Medula Oblongata.
    Me: It's a part of your brain. It make you able to do stuff. Why?
    Kid: I was watching your old Sam and Max dvd and heard it.
    Me: Oh, that show? Let me show you my favorite episode...

    No problem there.

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    So go on then, Dad - I mean, Remolay. What is your favourite episode? (Mine's the Glazed MacGuffin episode.)

  • Fox has a habit of canceling things if its not an instant hit.

  • @Irishmile said: Fox has a habit of canceling things if its not an instant hit.

    It was an instant hit though.

  • I love how the show seems to be slightly more ridiculous than the other media. That could be because it's geared towards a younger demographic, but I really enjoy it in this way.

    Also love how they seem to get so much crap past the radar.

    Personally, I honestly wouldn't mind if a kid of mine walked up to me and asked the meaning of the 'drop the soap' joke. (Okay, I'd probably keel over laughing, or become horrified, depending on what kind of parent I turn out to be...)

  • LOL, my 5 year old saw me watching Sam and Max on the internet, asked about it, and I sat her on my lap and we watched together. She doesn't speak english so I roughly translated.

    She loved it to the bone and whenever she didn't understand anything she would ask. The more adult jokes, I haven't had to explain, since she doesn't even know they're there. But I have several creative explanations for them XD

    At her age, she had been gradually abandoning the more "kiddie" shows and started getting interested in things that are less simple. Her tastes are shifting. Sam and Max are similar, to her, to Tom and Jerry: physical comedy, a bit of an edge. She laughs at the surrealism and the attitudes.

    We sometimes make stories about them at sleepy time, if I'm not reading her from a book or telling a tale about something else. When she wants to laugh, she picks Sam and Max.

    Maybe someday I'll tell you about the story we made about the Cheeto race :P

    Honestly, Sam and Max are completely harmless in their cartoon form. They're too complex for kids that are too young, but kids that are near grade school do understand them and find them interesting.

    Hell, I have to constantly remind my kid that Calvin from C&H is NOT a role model, something the outlandish behaviour of Sam and Max makes it pretty clear.

  • I have a review of this show in my signature, so yes I've heard of it. It would be awesome to see a new Sam and Max series, but I'm probably just having a case of Wishful thinking.

  • @GeorgeC said: Why did they only make one series? It had me laughing every episode and I believe it was quite popular?

    The same reason Lucasarts cancelled their second Sam & Max game. Because they're stupid and don't like being popular. :D

  • What I thought was unreal was in the episode "Kiss Kiss, Band Bang" was when Max said at the end "Yep, she'll get picked up all right" or something like that. I was skitting laughing the first time I heard that.

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